Gunther Guests - Dec. 18th - Dec. 22nd

Gunther Guests - Week of Dec. 18th -

Monday, Dec. 18th -

·5:10am – Brigitte Gabriel – Best Selling Author and Chairman of Act for America – Talking about the rise of Anti-Semitism in America and why the Biden Administration should not be pressuring Israel to ease the fighting in Gaza. | /

·9:15am - Pastor Ben Graham – Lead Actor and Producer of ‘Christmas at Keestone’ – a Christmas Movie, the way Christmas Movies used to be. He’ll talk about why he is doing that. And he was also involved with President Trump’s White House Faith and Opportunity Team … is he still backing Trump? |

·9:40am – David Rubin, Former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel – He is live from Israel. He’ll give us insight on what’s going on. And while everyone is talking about what’s going on in Gaza, no one is talking about how the Israeli’s are being attacked in Northern Israel. – / /

Tuesday, Dec. 19th  -

·5:10am - David Rubin

·9:15am – Theo Boyd – ‘My Grief Is Not Like Yours: Learning To Live After Unimaginable Loss, A Daughter’s Journey’ – She lost her mother and father through really difficult circumstances… which is why she was inspired to write a book to help people with grief. We will talk about how to handle grief, especially during the holidays. | Facebook: ThinkTheo and

·9:40am – Courtney Angle – Corporate Affairs Specialist with Just Born Quality Confections – She will talk about the 2 Day Festival that is PEEPSFEST. She’ll tell us what’s new at Peepsfest and she’ll also discuss some of other initiatives with Just Born Quality Confections. |

Wednesday, Dec. 20th  -

·5:10am - Theo Boyd

·9:15am – Jonathan Tobin – Editor and Chief of Jewish News Syndicate – Reporting from Israel – He’ll talk about academic leaders under fire for their Anti-Semitism. And what is the latest on the ground in Israel? |

·9:40am – Scott McKay – Author of ‘Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s All Obama’ – The Obama’s have just produced a viral Netflix Show that demonizes White People … Scott will talk about that, and he’ll discuss the topic of his book. |

Thursday, Dec. 21st -

·5:10am – Jonathan Tobin

·9:15am – Lee Habeeb – Host and Founder of Our American Stories - Talking about his column in Newsweek: ‘Arab Like Me?: How 40 Years of Campus McCarthyism Led to Hatred of Israel’ |

·9:40am – Craig Rucker – Executive Director & Co-Founder of CFACT and has written on numerous Environmental Policy Issues – The U.N. Climate Conference has ended. It’s more of the same tired goals, but it also gives Third World Countries an excuse while looking to cripple America. How so? Craig will discuss. He is returning from the Conference and saw it firsthand. |

Friday, Dec. 22nd -

·5:10am - Lee Habeeb

·9am – 10am – Gunther’s Annual Christmas Show … stories, poems, songs, and inspirations.

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