Gunther Guests - Dec. 14th - Dec. 18th

Gunther Guests – Week of Dec. 14thWAEB Children’s Home of Easton Christmas Gift Drive - Children’s Wishlist and for more info visit keyword: GUNTHER | Powered by: MTM Financial | Phone Number: 610-841-4999

Monday, Dec. 14th-

·5:10am – Neil W. McCabe, spokesperson for Project Veritas – Talking about the latest Project Veritas findings of how CNN colluded to suppress negative Joe Biden stories before the election |

·8:45am – 9am – Senator Toomey was scheduled to be on with Gunther, but cancelled. Gunther will take your calls and let you make your comments on Senator Toomey.

·9:10am – Gunther may continue the Toomey Calls; or talk to a Republican Spokesman about the Supreme Court Battle on the Presidential Race.

·9:40am – State Senator Doug Mastriano – Talking about the Governor’s latest COVID lockdown rulings, he’ll give his thoughts on that; And he’ll talk about his part in the Supreme Court Battles for President Trump. |

Tuesday, Dec. 15th-

·5:10am – State Senator Doug Mastriano

·9:10am – David Ridenour, President of the National Center for Public Policy Research – He’ll talk about his latest piece that he wrote for The Hill titled - ‘A Cloud hangs over the Election but don’t blame Trump Supporters’ | National

·9:40am – Professor Rob Natelson, recognized as a Constitutional Expert and he is a Senior Fellow in Constitutional Juris Prudence at the Independence Institute in Denver. He’s also an advisor for the Convention of States Project – He’ll talk about the Supreme Court, and the State Legislature’s responsibility to resolve the Contested Presidential Vote. |

Wednesday, Dec. 16th -

·5:10am – David Ridenour

·9:10am – David Shestokas, Former State Prosecutor and Author of ‘Constitutional Sound Bites’ and ‘Creating the Declaration of Independence’ – He’ll talk about the Contested Presidential Race in regards to the Texas Appeal and he said there is another way Trump can win, and it has to do with Pennsylvania. He’ll explain Wednesday! |

·9:40am – Horace Cooper –Senior Fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research, Co-Chair of the Project 21 National Advisory Board, and Legal Commentator – Discussing the Constitutionality of the Election Results. |

Thursday, Dec. 17th -

·5:10am – Horace Cooper

·9:10am – TBA

·9:40am – Tom Del Beccaro - Author of ‘The Divided Era’, Writer for Epoch Times & Frequent Fox News Contributor – He’ll give his thoughts on the Presidential Election. And as a Californian, he’ll discuss his efforts to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. |

Friday, Dec 18th-

·5:10am – Tom Del Beccaro

·9:10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – The Left is letting criminal Illegal Aliens out of jail, while locking you in your home. Hear more, Friday Morning! |

·9:40am - TBA

Prizes to Win:

  • $25 Gift Cards for Weis Markets!
  • Win 4 Packs of Family Admission Passes for the ALL NEW Historic Bethlehem Museum and Sites: Christmas in the Quarter at The Historic Colonial Industrial Quarter in Bethlehem... running now through Dec. 27th! For tickets and more info, visit Historic! One grand prize winner at end of week will also be given a CHRISTMAS COTTAGE at Christmas at the Quarter... Each cottage has a table and chairs with a heater and is available for guests to reserve hour-long time slots. Fits 5 comfortably. Visit with friends and family to relax from a long day of shopping, site-seeing, or get your favorite meal to-go and set up private dinner!
  • Win a $25 Gift Card for Link Beverage in Coopersburg!
  • Mr. Bill’s – Shopping Spree
  • City of Allentown - Lights in the Parkway Carload Passes - Lehigh Parkway in Allentown

Prize Office remains closed... if you have a prize concern (or are a Birthday Winner), please email or call 484-515-1105 | Please be patient... we will call prize winners as soon as we're able in regards to prize paperwork and mailing out prizes. Thank you

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