Gunther Guests - Dec. 12th - Dec. 16th

Gunther Guests – Week of Dec. 12th -

Wrap Up Day is Monday – We Could USE the Help! WAEB Children’s Home of Easton Christmas Gift Drive and Christmas Party, powered by: MTM Financial Group. Ironton Telephone Pledge Line: 610-841-4999. See the Children’s Wishlist Powered by: PenTeleData at keyword: Gunther!

Monday, Dec. 12th – Wrap Up Day for Children’s Home of Easton – Pledge Line: 610-841-4999

·5:10am – Cam Edwards – Editor at | Oregon’s latest assault on the Second Amendment may be the biggest infringement on the Second Amendment to date. He’ll discuss that and other hot Second Amendment issues. |

·9:15am – Dr. Robert S. Spalding III – Brigadier General, U.S. Airforce Retired – Talking about his book: ‘War Without Rules: China’s Playbook for Global Domination’ – He’ll also talk about the Biden deal for Brittney Griner. How is the military reacting, what effect does it have on morale, etc. | Spalding also the CEO of Sempre - Sempre.AI

·9:40am – Jonathan Emord – Multi Time Author… including: ’The Rise of Tyranny’ and his latest book: ‘The Authoritarians.’ He’s also a Constitutional Law Attorney and Columnist for – He’ll talk about how Anthony Fauci borrowed a page from Stalin’s Soviet Union. It’s chilling how much Fauci followed the Communist Playbook. | /

Tuesday, Dec. 13th -

·5:10am – Jonathan Emord

·9am – 10am – Michael Cutler, Retired Senior INS Agent – Talking about: Many Fewer Criminals have been deported under Biden. Plus, he’ll talk about the Biden Administration’s temporary hold on Title 42 and other immigration topics! |

Wednesday, Dec. 14th

·5:10am – Michael Cutler

·9:15am – Jim Harden – C.E.O. of Compass Care: Pro Life Pregnancy Centers – Hilary Clinton compared Pro-Lifers to Middle Eastern Terror Regimes. After that, there was a series of threats to Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers.  He’ll talk about that, and why is Hilary not being held accountable. |

·9:45am – Courtney Angle – Corporate Affairs Specialist with Just Born Quality Confections – Talking about PeepsFest 2022. And we might just have some giveaways for you!  | and

Thursday, Dec. 15th -

·5:10am - Jim Harden

·9:15am Kevin Stocklin – Writer and Film Producer … His works include: ‘We All Fell Down’… a Documentary on the Mortgage Crisis in 2008. He’ll talk to Gunther about Epoch Times’ newest documentary: ‘The Shadow State’ … about ESG: The Environmental, Social and Governance Industry. | and EpicTV.Shop/TheShadowState

·9:45am – Tom Del Beccaro – Author of the ‘The Divided Era’ and Writer for Epoch Times, and Founder and Writer for Political Vanguard – Discussing the Georgia Election, the Twitter Scandal, and the Brittney Griner release. |  

Friday, Dec. 16th -

·5:10am – Tom Del Beccaro

·9:15am – Stella Morabito – Author of ‘The Weaponization of Loneliness: How Tyrants Stoke the Fear of Isolation to Silence, Divide and Conquer’ - She’ll talk about her book, and the topic it explores. |

·9:45am -


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