Gunther Guests - Aug. 7th - 11th

Gunther Guests –  Week of Aug. 7th  

Monday, Aug. 7th  -

·5:10am - Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler - Talking about the insanity of Illinois allowing non-citizens to become police officers. -

·9:15am - Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis - Author of ‘Divided We Stand’ - He’ll talk about his book, and how our division is killing us on the world stage, literally. And we’ll discuss as much of the military conflicts as we can cover … from Russia & Ukraine to the Middle East and China. | No Website

·9:40am - Avi Lipkin - He is considered a pioneer in Jewish / Christian relations. And he has written several books including ‘Legacy of Hate: The Long War Against Israel’ - He will talk about the growing threat of Iran, and the Nuclear Threat of Iran … and how should Israel handle it.  |

Tuesday, Aug. 8th  -

·5:10am – Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis

·9:15am - Stephen Bloom - Vice President of the Commonwealth Foundation - He’ll give his reaction to Gov. Shapiro’s decision to sign the budget. He feels that underserved students will be one of the groups most impacted by the bad budget deal… hear more Tuesday! |  

·9:40am - Jim Harden - CEO of Compass Care Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers - He will talk about how Antifa is trading violence and firebombing for litigation and legislation. As their attacks on Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers continue, Jim will tell you how you can help Compass Care fight back. |

Wednesday, Aug. 9th -  

·5:10am – Jim Harden

·9:15am - Christina Bobb - Attorney for Save America PAC, and Author of ‘Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024’. - She is one of President Trump’s Attorneys and will respond to President Trump’s Indictment.’ |

·9:40am – Tom Trento - He produced a 10-episode documentary for the Team at Defend the Border & Save Lives - He will talk about that documentary: ‘Death County and The River of Broken Dreams’ | See the Documentary on YouTube | @DefendBorder on Facebook |

Thursday, Aug. 10th    –

·5:10am – Christina Bobb

·9:15am - Chadwick Moore - Author of the Book: ‘Tucker’ - Tucker Carlson is in the news because Trump has subpoenaed Fox News about an unaired Tucker Carlson interview with a Capital Police Chief. He’ll talk about that and more!  | /

·9:40am – John O’Connor - Attorney and Author of Several Books on Watergate - John has done his analysis of the Trump Indictments. This time, he will tackle the case against the Bidens. |

Friday, Aug. 11th -

·5:10am - John O’Connor

·9:15am - Jerry Willbur - He is considered a culture doctor and has degrees in Psychology. Most importantly, he has never been a politician. He will talk about how America is being run by psychopaths. He’ll also talk about his book: ‘Rise of the True Blue Rebellion’ -

·9:40am - (Tentative) Rachel Ehrenfeld - Author of ‘The Soros Agenda’ - She is talking about just that… the Soros Agenda… and why is Alex Soros at the White House so much? What is he buying or selling? | Check her out: American Center for Democracy -


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