Gunther Guests - Aug. 22nd - 26th

Gunther Guests – Week of August 22nd

Monday, August 22nd -

·5:10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – NYC needs to stop being a Sanctuary City. Michael will discuss the correlation between Illegal Immigration and NY’s Crime Wave. |

·9:10am – Verizon Cable has taken OAN off of their systems… what are they afraid of? Black Leaders are demanding that Verizon un-cancel One American News. Gunther will discuss this with Martin Baker, Project 21 Member and Co-Founder of the Black Conservative Organization. |

·9:45am – Jon Merwarth of Bright Hope Pregnancy Centers – Allentown City Council is targeting Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers and attempting to shut them down under totally false pretenses… hear more Monday! |

Tuesday, August 23rd -

·5:10am – Jon Merwarth

·9:10am – Mark Walters – Board Member for the Citizen’s Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Host of Armed American Radio and Co-Founder of Armed American News – Discussing: Smith and Wesson’s fiery response to the anti-gun Left, Mark says ‘it’s about time.’ – He’ll talk about this and other Second Amendment topics Tuesday Morning. | and

·9:40am – Robert Bork Jr. – He is the son of one-time Supreme Court Nominee Robert Bork. He is also the president of the Anti-Trust Education Project, and he heads up the Bork Group. He’ll talk about BIG TECH and their Censorship of the Freedom of Speech. He will also discuss the chilling effect on free speech brought on by the attack on Salman Rushdie. | and

Wednesday, August 24th -

·5:10am – Mark Walters

·9:15am – Jeffrey Stephens – Novelist and Political Analyst – Discussing his latest book: ‘The Handler.’ He’ll also discuss “Do people who speak out on Political Issues need safe havens” because of incidents like the attack on Salman Rushdie. |

·9:40am – Greg Stenstrom – Co-Author of ‘Parallel Election: A Blueprint For Deception’ – He says their book unequivocally proves how the 2020 Election was stolen in Pennsylvania. |

Thursday, August 25th -

·5:10am – Greg Stenstrom

·9:10am – Tom Harris, Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition – CO2 Climate Alarmists are using inaccurate numbers and reaching inaccurate conclusions… he’ll discuss Thursday!  |

·9:40am – Thomas J. DiLorenzo – Free Market Economist – Talking about his book: ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Economics’ – In addition to talking about his book, he will break down the $739 Billion Dollar Inflation Reduction Act that Biden just signed. |

Friday, August 26th -

·5:10am – Thomas J. DiLorenzo

·9:15am – Kaylee McGhee White (tentative) – Visiting Fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum – Talking about Biden’s new Title IX Rules which allow teachers to override parents on Gender Identity. |

·9:45am – Jim Bognet – He is running to unseat Matt Cartwright in the 8th Congressional District. Joe Biden is coming to Scranton and he and Matt Cartwright are joined at the hip, and at the vote… Bognet will discuss this and more Friday Morning! |


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