Gunther Guests - April 26th - April 30th

Gunther Guests – Week of April 26th

Monday, April 26th -

·5:10am – Ken Cuccinelli, Served Under President Trump with DHS. He is now the Current Chair of the Election Transparency Initiative... which was started by the Susan B. Anthony List, and by American Principles Project. He’ll talk about how the Border Surge is a Prelude to Voter Fraud. He’ll also discuss Senate Bill 1 and the sham that, that is. |

·9:10am – Daryl L. Hendricks and Ed Zucal, Current Democrat Members of Allentown City Council – They are saying their Primary Challengers will move the City so far Left, it will be a disaster... especially when it comes to policing. Hear more Monday! |Facebook- Zucal for Allentown City Council

·9:40am - Ari Hoffman, Associate Editor and Seattle Correspondent for The Post Millennial. He’s also a Small Business Owner and Former Politician – He’ll talk about the Left and their Militant March against the Police, and he’ll address the crazy comments of LeBron James and more. |

Tuesday, April 27th -

·5:10am – Daryl L. Hendricks and Ed Zucal

·9:10am – Del Bigtree, Award Winning Host of ‘The High Wire’ and he is an anti-vaxxer. He’ll talk about why you should be too! |

·9:40am – Tom Del Beccaro, Author of ‘The Divided Era’ – He’ll discuss the Governor Newsom Recall, where that stands, and he’ll talk about Dark Money in Politics benefitting mostly Democrats. |

Wednesday, April 28th -

·5:10am – Tom Del Beccaro

·9:10am – Robert Arena, The New Executive Director of the Lehigh County Republican Committee. He was also the Lehigh County Field Director for the Trump Campaign in the 2020 Presidential Election – He’ll talk about the Ballot Questions that will be on the May Primary... and what you need to know, because the questions may be misleading. |

·9:40am – Stephen C. Meyer, NYT Best Selling Author of the book ‘Darwin’s Doubt’ – He’ll talk about his latest book ‘The Return of the GOD Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries that reveal the Mind Behind the Universe’ |

Thursday, April 29th

·5:10am – Stephen C. Meyer

·9:10am – Rabi Aryeh Spero, President of Caucus for America, and Spokesman for the National Conference of Jewish Affairs – Talking about Clergy pushing back against the Political Power Grab in Georgia. |

·9:40am – TBA

Friday, April 30th-

·5:10am – Rabi Aryeh Spero

·9am to 10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – He’ll talk about the Immigration Problem... and the one issue that is ignored by our corrupt Political Elites. Find out what it is and why they ignore it on Friday. |


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