Gunther Guests - April 17th - April 21st

Gunther Guests –  Week of April 17th

Monday, April 17th

·5:10am – Author Kevin Slack, Ph.D. - Professor of Politics at Hillsdale College - Talking about his new book: ‘War on the American Republic: How Liberalism became Despotism’ | / /

·9:15am – Michael Busler – Public Policy Analyst and Professor of Finance at Stockton University – Talking about: How concerned should we be that China is not trading in U.S. Dollars. And he’ll discuss the Bank Closings. And what’s the biggest economic issue we should be concerned about … those two issues or Inflation? | Facebook: Funding Democracy the Economics of Freedom & Twitter @MBusler

·9:45am – Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld – Founder and President of the American Center for Democracy and the Economic Warfare Institute. Author of ‘The Soros Agenda’ – She’ll talk about her book; And how many Left-Wing Soros sleeper cells do we have in our legal system? Hear more Monday! |

Tuesday, April 18th  -

·5:10am – Michael Busler

·9:15am – Vince Everett Ellison – Project 21 Member and Author of Several Books. He’s on to talk about his latest documentary ‘Will You Go To Hell For Me?’ | /

·9:45am – Karen Straughan – Gender / Society Analyst, a known Critic of Feminism and an Advocate for Men’s Rights. She’s best known for her You Tube Channel ‘Girls Writes What’ – She is talking about Budweiser’s partnership with Dylan Mulvaney. Plus, with the St. Louis Shootings the Left doesn’t care about the victims of the Trans-Gender Shooter … they’re making the Trans-Gender Shooter the victim…she’ll also talk about that with Gunther.  | You Tube or Facebook: Girl Writes What

Wednesday, April 19th  –

·5:10am – Vince Everett Ellison

·9:15am – Former Congresswoman, Nurse and Former Consumer Product Safety Commission Chair Ann Marie Buerkle – Talking about her latest Op Ed on Senate Bill 127 … which she says is “Bad Medicine.” It’s a bill offered by Chuck Schumer and it will result in higher costs, and potentially devastating consequences for patients. | Twitter: @AnnMBuerkle


Thursday, April 20th -

·5:10am - Ann Marie Buerkle

·9:15am – Deanna Klein – Served 30 years as a Registered Nurse, a Staff Educator, a U.S. Air Force Medic. She’s also the Author of the Book: ‘Vaccine Injuries Lies and Deaths: The Alarming Facts About the COVID Vaccines and Helpful Resources for Healing’ – She’ll talk about her book, and some of those alarming facts. |

·9:45am – Dave Gentry – CEO of Red Chip Companies, Inc. and Author of ‘Small Stocks Big Money’ – Talking about: In the wake of the attack on Riley Gaines, should College Students be expelled for Violent Protests? Free Speech is under assault on college campuses and across America, he’ll also discuss that. |

Friday, April 21st   -

·5:10am – Deanna Klein

·9am – 10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent, Michael Cutler – Talking about how the Biden Administration has funneled ObamaCare dollars to take care of Illegal Immigrants. And we’ll talk about Immigration’s Impact on Social Security and Medicare. |


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