Gunther Guests - April 12th - April 16th

Gunther Guests – Week of April 12th

Monday, April 12th-

·5:10am – Scott Uehlinger – Retired CIA Intelligence Officer – He’ll discuss the increasingly volatile situation in the Middle East, especially when it comes to Iran and Israel. | Twitter @TheStationChief

·9:10am – Mellissa Carone, the IT Professional who was a Whistle Blower in the Dominion Voting Machine Scandal... now she is announcing her run to be a Michigan State Rep. Gunther will talk to her about Dominion and her Campaign on Monday. | Facebook: Mellissa Carone

·9:40am –Jessica Marie Baumgartner - Homeschooling Mother of 4, Contributor for the New American, she has been featured in Epoch Times & American Thinker, and has Authored several books. She will be talking about the On-Going Vaccine Passport Debacle. |

Tuesday, April 13th -

·5:10am – Jessica Marie Baumgartner

·9:10am – J. Christian Adams – Serves as President and General Counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, and Author of a NYT Best Seller on the Obama Justice Department – He’ll discuss a big win in a Legal Battle to remove dead voters from PA’s Voter Rolls. |

·9:40am – Professor Rob Natelson, Senior Fellow with the Independence Institute, and Constitutional Expert and Scholar – What power does the Constitution give to the States in regards to Elections and Voting Laws? That all ties into the Battle in Georgia... He’ll talk about that and more Tuesday! | and

Wednesday, April 14th -

·5:10am – Professor Rob Natelson

·9:10am – Nicole Neily, President and Founder of Speech First – She’ll talk about a Lawsuit that they have against Virginia PolyTech regarding the Free Speech of Students. Speech First protects free speech on College Campuses. |

·9:40am – Lucas Miles, Author of ‘The Christian Left: How Liberal Thought has Hijacked the Church’ – He’ll talk about his book Wednesday Morning. |

Thursday, April 16th

·5:10am – Nicole Neily

·9:10am – Major General Mari K. Eder – U.S. Army Retired, Former Army Deputy Chief of Public Affairs and the Author of ‘American Cyberspace: Trials and the Path to Trust’ – Has American lost its ability to discern what is true? She’ll discuss this and her book... and how they tie together Thursday with Gunther. | Facebook – Mari Eder

·9:40am – TBA

Friday, April 16th-

·5:10am – Major General Mari K. Eder

·9am - 10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – Talking about all the unfolding stories from the Border and more, Friday Morning! |

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