Gunther Guests - 2.8 - 2.12.21

Gunther Guests – Week of Feb. 8th

Monday, Feb. 8th -

·5:10am –Retired, Senior INS Agent, Michael Cutler –Biden Orders the end of Construction of the US / Mexican Border Wall... he’ll discuss that and other changes being made to Trump’s successful Immigration Policy! |

·9:10am – Nathan Benefield, Vice President and COO of Commonwealth Foundation – Talking about Governor Wolf’s Income Tax Increase Proposal... the Largest Tax Hike in Pennsylvania History; He’ll talk about that, and Gov. Wolf’s Education plans, and what’s wrong with those... Monday Morning! |

·9:40am – Sam Sorbo, Filmmaker, Actress and Host of the Sam Sorbo Syndicated Radio Show – Talking about her #1 Amazon Best Selling Book ‘Words for Warriors: Fight Back Against Crazy Socialists and the Toxic Liberal Left’ |

Tuesday, Feb 9th-

·5:10am – Sam Sorbo

·9:10am – Retired Lt. Col. Ray Moore, an Army Reserve Chaplain, Veteran of the First Golf War, Bronze Medal Recipient and Chairman of – He says we have to stop pretending that public schools aren’t bad! He’ll talk about his website, and how bad the schools really are, Tuesday Morning. |

·9:40am – Martin Baker, Project 21 Member and Co-Founder of – Talking about Black History Month - He says... Black History is American History... the left wants to separate them, and you can’t. | & 21

Wednesday, Feb. 10th-

·5:10am – Retired Lt. Col. Ray Moore

·9:10am – Nadra Enzi, also known as Cap Black and the Hood Conservative. He’s a Project 21 Member, and Outspoken Anti-Crime Activist – He’ll discuss Black History Month and Blacks and Crime in America |

·9:40am – Patrick Wood, Founder and Director of Citizens for Free Speech – He’ll talk about his book: ‘Technocracy Rising,’ and he’ll talk about the tech tyranny that many of us are experiencing. |

Thursday, Feb. 11th-

·5:10am – Patrick Wood

·9:10am – Professor Rob Natelson – Senior Fellow with the Independence Institute and Constitutional Expert and Scholar –He’ll be watching the Impeachment Proceedings and giving his perspective. Also... if Judges aren’t supposed from legislate from the Bench, should a President be allowed to legislate through Executive Order... what did our Founding Fathers believe? Hear more Thursday!| and

·9:40am – Tom Del Beccaro (Tentative)

Friday, Feb. 12th -

·5:10am – Professor Rob Natelson

·9:10am – Chairman of Liberty Guard, and Former Congressman Bob Barr – He’s also watching the Impeachment Proceedings, and he’ll give his perspective. And he’ll discuss his latest blog.|

·9:40am - TBA


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