Dan Holzman's Guests - Week of June 14th

Dan Holzman is in for Gunther while Gunther is taking a much deserved vacation!

Monday, June 14

5:10am - Michael Cutler, Retired Senior INS Agent, talks about the never-ending border security issue, Kamala Harris’ (non)handling of it and more.

9:10am - Larry Weisberg, of Weisberg Cummings Law Firm, is talking about employers forcing their employees to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Is it legal? What options do workers have? Larry answers those questions.

9:40am - Honorary Chairperson of the Tea Party Patriots Action Jenny Beth Martin will be talking about critical race theory, what parents can do to stop in from infiltrating their children’s schools and how it continues to spread to the corporate world.

Tuesday, June 15

5:10am - Jenny Beth Martin

9:10am -Candidate for Pennsylvania Gov. Lou Barletta is on to update his early campaign activities and discuss the issues that will shape the 2022 race.

9:40am - PennDOT spokesman Ron Young is on to preview a lot of summer road projects in the Lehigh Valley. How will it affect your driving plans this summer? Ron has the answers and lays out the construction schedule.

Wednesday, June 16

5:10am- Larry Weisberg

9:10am- The Commonwealth Foundation Vice President Nate Benefield is on talking about the millions and millions of COVID relief dollars sent to Pennsylvania that are still unspent. Nate will analyze the Legislature’s vote to end Gov. Tom Wolf’s pandemic disaster declarations and much more.

9:40am- Critic of Feminism Karen Straughan is looking forward to talking about the absurdities of pronoun policies spreading in schools and colleges across the country, including ridiculous changes at Penn State.

Thursday, June 17

5:10am - Nate Benefield

9:10am - Co-Founder of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore is the author of the book ‘Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom’ and he’ll be exposing the many environmental scare stores beaten into our heads by the mainstream media. Scare, scare, scare is the mission of the environmentalist left and he’ll show you how it’s being done.         


Friday, June 18

5:10am -   Dr. Patrick Moore            

9:10am -

9:40am - Open phones! What stories and topics should Dan have been talking about all week? Give him a call and let him know what slipped through the cracks.


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