Dan Holzman Guests - 12.28 - 12.31.20

Dan Holzman will be filling in for Bobby Gunther Walsh while he is out on Christmas / New Year's Vacation!

As a reminder, we will REBROADCAST the Children's Home of Easton Christmas Party on WAEB AM 790 on Christmas Day from 8am to 9am.

AND 790 WAEB AM has the Holiday covered30 hours of Holiday Music and Stories starting at 6pm Christmas Eve (12/24/20) through Christmas Day! Celebrate your Holiday with some of your all time favorite Christmas songs and stories for 30 hours – you will definitely get into the “Holiday Spirit!!!

DAN'S GUESTS - Week of 12/28/20

Monday, December 28:

5:10am - Michael Rectenwald, Author of “Thought Criminal”, discusses what can happen to a society eager to comply with tyrannical rules.

9:10am - Open phones!

9:40am - Author Kenneth C. Davis is here to talk about his new book “STRONGMAN: The Rise of Five

Dictators and the Fall of Democracy.” How do nations fall to a dictator? Can anything be done to

prevent it from happening? Those are two of the questions we’ll be asking him.

Tuesday, December 29:

5:10am - Kenneth C. Davis

9:10am- Host of WAEB’s ‘More Than Money’ Gene Dickison looks back on President Trump’s impact on

the stock markets over his four years in office and previews what the next four years might look like in a

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration.

9:40am- Two of the most respected Pennsylvania political pollsters, Terry Madonna and Chris Borick,

talk about the polling process this year, the challenges of polling today and what the future might hold

for the industry.

Wednesday, December 30:

5:10am - Gene Dickison

9:10am - Lehigh Valley Health Network Dr. Timothy Friel is talking coronavirus vaccine and everything COVID-19.

9:40am- Football Hall of Famer and legendary Penn Stater Franco Harris talks Paterno family, Penn State football, Steelers football and much more!

Thursday, December 31:

5:10am - Dr. Timothy Friel

9:10am - Steve Milloy, founder of www.junkscience.com is discussing all the climate nonsense and big money in the COVID-19 relief bill signed by President Trump Sunday night. What will it mean? Steve Milloy has the answer.

9:40am - We’ll end 2020 by spending the entire hour taking your calls on predictions for the upcoming

year, reflect back on the year gone by and hear from you about something good that actually happened

in your life in 2020. Let’s try to end a miserable year with some positivity!!!


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