Gunther Guests - June 3rd - June 7th

Gunther Guests - Week of June 3rd

Monday, June 3rd -

·5:10am – Leighton Grey – Attorney and Host of the Grey Matter Podcast – He will talk about his Podcast, and the CCP has already infiltrated the Canadian Government, have they also taken over the American Government? He’ll give his perspective, and discuss his reasons on Monday. |

·9:10am – Gianna Miceli – Author of ‘Free-Dumb: The Patriot Playbook to Restoring Your Rights And Freedom’ - Most gun owners are notoriously absent when it comes to voting. They need to get out and vote. She’ll talk about that, her book, the Trump Verdict and more! | /

·9:40am – Steve Strang – Talking about the Jury finding Trump guilty on all 34 counts. Plus, we’ll talk about his book: ‘Trump After Shock: The President’s Seismic Impact on Culture and Faith in America’ | 

Tuesday, June 4th -

·5:10am – Steve Strang

·9:10am – Mike Hill – Proponent of Election Integrity with the Pensacola, Florida Chapter, a Member of John Birch Society and Former Member of the Florida State Legislature. He is talking about great news out of Florida … Public Schools are closing as School Choice catches on. |

·9:40am – Paul Kamenar with the National Legal and Policy Center – After the Trump Verdict … what happens now? What are the odds of Trump getting an appeal? Will Trump be allowed to vote in November? And more. |

Wednesday, June 5th -  

·5:10am - Paul Kamenar

·9:10am – Reggie Littlejohn – President and Founder of Anti-Globalist International, and President and Founder of Women’s Right without Frontiers – Talking about how we need to withdraw from the World Health Organization. Plus, she just returned from Geneva and the World Economic Forum. She’ll tell us what the elites are up to behind our backs. | /

·9:40am – Linda McMahon – Co-Founder of the WWE with her husband Vince and Chairwoman of America First Policy Institute – She is in Pennsylvania this week talking about low-cost energy and how it would help all Pennsylvanians. What do we need to do to get there? She’ll talk with Gunther, Wednesday! |

Thursday, June 6th -

·5:10am - Linda McMahon

·9:10am – Richard Manning – President of Americans for Limited Government – Talking about a book he Co-Authored with Star Parker titled: ‘Necessary Noise: How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture Wars And Why That’s Good for America’ |

·9:40am – Ronald Stetton – Author of the Book ‘The Last Deception’ – He will talk about the Spiritual Connection around what’s going on in the Middle East. And, he has studied the Quran and says we are witnessing much of what we are told in the Bible. | No Website

Friday, June 7th -

·5:10am - Richard Manning

·9:10am – Adam Schwarze – 21 Year Veteran, Marine and Navy Seal. He served in 9 Deployments in over 90 Countries - Talking about his article: ‘I fought ISIS under Trump – Now Joe Biden Protects Terror’ –   

·9:40am –


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