Gunther Guests - April 29th - May 3rd - Updated!

Gunther Guests - Week of April 29th -  

Monday, April 29th -    

·5:10am- John Hulsman – Author of ‘The Last Best Hope: A History of American Realism’ – He says: ‘Based on the History of American Realism, there is a way out of today’s crisis mindset… we just have to tap into the stories of our past’ … which he talks about in his book. Hear more Monday. |

·9:10am-  Logan Church – National Political Director for Catholic Vote – Talking about The Dangerous Weaponization of the FBI and the DOJ towards people of faith, pro-life protestors and other’s on the right. The DOJ and the FBI have a double standard, and they seem to be targeting political opponents. |

·9:40am- William Gheen with ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC) – Talking about: The Ukraine / Israel Bill … not only doesn’t it stop the border invasion, but it funds Biden’s border invasion. |

Tuesday, April 30th -  

·5:10am – William Gheen

·9:10am- Mel K. of the Mel K. Show – She’ll talk about the Trump Trials, and Anti-Israel Student Protests on College Campuses. And, the end goal of the Elites is frightening for future generations… where does she see it all ending? Mel talks with Gunther Tuesday! |

·9:40am – James Massa – CEO of Numbers USA – Discussing how Immigration is affecting rents and the housing market and other topics related to illegal immigration. |

Wednesday, May 1st  -

·5:10am- Eric Ruark

·9:10am- Cliff Maloney with Citizen’s Alliance of America, and Spokesman for The Pennsylvania Chase – He will be speaking at the Tea Party on Thursday Night. He’ll talk about the reality check for 2024, PA Democrats are beating Republicans 80 to 20 heading into Election Day, and they’re running up the score … that’s why they launched the Pennsylvania Chase. Hear more Wednesday. |

·9:40am- Gregory Wrightstone – Executive Director of the Co2 Coalition and Author of: ‘A Very Convenient Warming’ and other books on Climate Change – He is speaking before the Tea Party on Thursday Night. He’ll talk about that, his book and the CO2 Coalition and the Religion of Climate Change. |

Thursday, May 2nd -

·5:10am- Gregory Wrightstone

·9:10am- Luke Goodrich – Vice President and Senior Counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty – He is talking about the Trans-Gender conveyor belt, and how it’s harming American Youth and Families. |

·9:40am- Dr. Ben Carson – Retired Neurosurgeon, One Time Candidate for President, Former HUD Secretary and Trump surrogate. He will talk about the Trump Campaign, the Lawfare being used against Trump and all the Hot Topics surrounding the 2024 Election. |

Friday, May 3rd -

·5:10am- Dr. Ben Carson

·9:10am- Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld – Author of the ‘The Soros Agenda’ – We’ll talk about her book. And are all of these protests on college campuses part of the Soros Agenda? Also, long term, what is the Soros Agenda, and what are our kids in for? Hear more Friday! |

·9:40am- Victoria Coates – University of Penn Alumni, Penn Alumni Free Speech Alliance Member, and Former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Trump – She is speaking on behalf of the Commonwealth Foundation to push back on the assault on Freedom of Speech. She said it’s not to be confused with violence on college campuses that is disguised as Freedom of Speech. | |


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