Here's what's trending for April 23.

While there's no drama in the presidential races on today's ballot, there are some up-for-grabs races lower on the ballot. Incumbent Congresswoman Susan Wild is running unopposed today, but three Republicans, Kevin Dellicker, Ryan Mackenzie and Maria Montero are fighting it out to oppose her in the general election. Three local state House races are contested. In the 131st District, Democrats Meriam Sabih and Jay Santos are running to oppose incumbent Republican Milou Mackenzie. In the 136th District, longtime incumbent Bob Freeman faces a challenge from Easton City Councilwoman Taiba Sultana today. Finally, in the 183rd District, incumbent Zachary Mako is being challenged in the Republican primary by Zachari Halkias. Lehigh Valley voters will be asked to select delegates for the Republican and Democratic national conventions as well. Polls will be open until 8 tonight.

There won't be much drama at the Pennsylvania statehouse come November. Most of the races for the state legislature will be decided in today's primary. A new report says just 29 of Pennsylvania's 203 seats in the House, and just three of the 50 seats in the Pennsylvania Senate are expected to be competitive this year. They either won't see any competition, or will only be competitive in the primary. The report also blames Pennsylvania's closed primary system for taking away choices from the state's 1.3 million unaffiliated or independent voters.

Pennsylvania primary day has arrived. Secretary of the Commonwealth Al Schmidt says security is something they're paying very close attention to. "The Commonwealth's method of tabulating election results and confirming those results are accurate should give every Pennsylvanian confidence in the integrity, fairness and security of our election," Schmidt says.

Investigators are trying to figure out what caused a massive Monday morning fire in North Whitehall Township. It happened at a facility housing two trucking companies, Doctor Diesel and OCS, and a cleaning company and Fire Marshal Don Jacobs says that meant there was plenty of fuel for the fire. "All the diesel fuel for those, they have all the hydraulic fluids that are going to be associated with the hydraulic lift, all that stuff, and all that stuff is at some temperature combustible," Jacobs says. Fire crews from four counties were called in to help fight the fire. The buildings affected and several vehicles parked nearby are total losses. The Fire Marshal, State Police Fire Marshal and the ATF are all investigating. At this point, they don't think the inferno was intentionally set.

The East Penn School Board has approved a 2024-25 budget which includes a 5% tax increase on property owners. The proposed $197.8 million spending plan will get a final vote on June 10.

A Pennsylvania representative wants to limit how employers offer "use it or lose it" paid time off. Democrat Mary Jo Daley of Montgomery County says she plans to introduce a bill that would make unused paid time off be considered wages. She says once they're earned, that time or pay couldn't be taken away from employees. "Use it or lose it" policies prevent employees from carrying over or cashing out their paid time off after a certain period has passed.

The National Weather Service has issued an elevated wildfire risk warning for New Jersey because of the recent dry weather and high winds. Residents are urged to be careful when using anything that might set off a wildfire, including gasoline, machinery and matches. Dry grasses and tree litter can ignite and spread quickly under these conditions.

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