Here's what's trending for March 25.

The search for a missing woman in the Poconos is over. Pennsylvania State Police confirmed that Pamela Maichin has been found safe. Maichin was originally reported missing on March 15th after her family had not heard from her for some time.

Longtime WFMZ news anchor Rob Vaughn says he will be off the air for a while. Over the weekend, Vaughn announced he is going to undergo prostate cancer surgery, but he's confident heading into the procedure. In a social media post, Vaughn said he wanted to share the news so viewers knew why he wasn't going to be seen for a while.

While Republicans and Democrats continue to spar over border policy, Pennsylvania Democrat Sen. John Fetterman says you can be both pro-immigrant and pro-border security at the same time. "You can be very pro-immigration but also demands and require we have a secure border. I don't know why that's controversial for any Democrat or any American," Fetterman's says.

It looks like Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Casey and Republican Dave McCormick will be the only eligible names on ballots in Pennsylvania’s April Senate race. That comes after a state Supreme Court ruling that booted Republican Joe Vodvarka from the ballot. The ruling upheld a lower court ruling that Vodvarka failed to receive enough signatures to qualify. Earlier this month, two other candidates, one Democrat and one Republican, were also ordered off the ballot.

New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy is suspending her campaign for U.S. Senate. "We have grave, dangerous threats on the national level thanks to Donald Trump and far right extremists, so it's time to unify and not divide. I will now focus entirely on re-electing Preisdent Biden and ensuring Democratic victories up and down the ballot," Murphy said. In a video posted to X on Sunday, Murphy announced, that after four months on the campaign trail, she is suspending her pursuit of the senate seat currently held by embattled Sen. Bob Menendez. She says she will not waste resources to "tearing down a fellow Democrat." Murphy was heading towards a June primary face-off with Congressman Andy Kim.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is considering running for president as an independent. These voters aren't overly enthusiastic. "No, we can't play games with this election," one man says. The 61-year-old dropped his GOP bid earlier this year, telling Good Morning America he could decide to make a run with the third-party political organization, "No Labels." Christie said he would have to see a path to getting enough electoral votes.

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