Gunther Guests - March 18th - March 22nd

Gunther Guests - Week of March 18th -

Monday, March 18th -

·5:10am- Paul Tice, author of ‘The Race to Zero: How ESG Investing Will Crater the Global Financial System’, is talking about his book and talk about whether there is there any way to stop that collapse |

·9:10am- Ashley Klingensmith, state director of Americans for Prosperity will be discussing Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s recent Pennsylvania visit, shrinkflation and Bidenomics. |

·9:40am- The president of Human Rights Education and Relief Organization (H.E.R.O.), Jason Jones, is talking about why the mainstream media chooses to believe Hamas over Israel and why the media wants us to believe them. He’ll also discuss what his organization is doing to help the TRULY innocent people in Gaza and will talk about his book ‘The Great Campaign Against the Great Reset.’ |

Tuesday, March 19th -

·5:10am - Jason Jones

·9:10am- David Rubin, former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel, and multi-time author will give his reaction to Chuck Schumer’s comments that Benjamin Netanyahu is an obstacle to peace and President Biden’s praise of Schumer. | &

·9:40am - Rev. Jim Harden, with Compass Care Pregnancy Centers, is talking about the controversial ruling on in vitro fertilization. His position is embryos are human life, but isn’t that position hurting couples trying to have children through IVF. |

Wednesday, March 20th -

·5:10am- David Rubin

·9:10am-  Oliver Dunford, a Pacific League Foundation attorney, will talk about broadcasters wanting to sue the FCC for requiring broadcasters to incorporate DEI standards and reporting. |

·9:40am- Paul Kamenar, Constitutional legal expert and lead counsel for the National Legal & Policy Center, will chat about the judge’s ruling on Fani Willis in Georgia and six of Donald Trump’s charges being tossed out.  He’ll also talk about Jack Smith being scolded on the documents case.  What does it mean? How will it all turn out? Kamenar will answer those questions. |

Thursday, March 21st -

·5:10am- Paul Kamenar

·9:10am- Gary Lawkowski, legal expert with Dhillon Law Group, is discussing the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments earlier this week on whether federal government officials violated the First Amendment by coercing social media groups to remove or demote particular content from their platforms. | and

·9:40am- Jason Sheppard, founder of Wimkin Social Media and entrepreneur and free speech advocate, will be on to talk about the Restrict Act and whether it’s really restricting TikTok or restricting all social media. |

Friday, March 22nd -

·5:10am- Gary Lawkowski

·9:10am- 9:10am- Lee Habeeb – Creator and Host of Our American Stories, a Podcast and Weekly Syndicated Radio Show - Talking about Rule of Law Vs. Mob Rule. It is as old as our Founding Fathers, and John Adams had a lot to say about just that. Lee Habeeb will talk about it with Gunther, Friday Morning. |           

·9:40am- Christina Bobb, election integrity lawyer for the RNC, will talk about what Republicans are actually doing to ensure that the election has integrity and instill public confidence in the vote. | and


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