Gunther Guests - March 4th - March 8th

Gunther Guests - Week of March 4th -

Monday, March 4th -   

·5:10am – John DeVerteuil – Retired, Sgt. Major and Author – Discussing his book: ‘We Are America: A Voice from the Silent Majority.’

·9:15am – Jonathan Tobin – Editor and Chief for Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) – Discussing the Middle East Crisis … what should Israel do? And what does he think of Biden’s policy towards Israel and Hamas. |  

·9:40am – Nicole Neily – Founder and President of Parent’s Defending Education – Her group has filed a lawsuit against the Dept of Education. Find out why they are suing, and why you should be concerned on Monday Morning. |

Tuesday, March 5th -

·5:10am - Jonathan Tobin

·9:15am – Tim Rivers – Author of ‘The American Gulag Chronicles’ – Discussing his book; And, by now, you know that Steve Baker, a News Reporter for Glenn Beck’s BLAZE Network, was shackled and taken to prison by the FBI on Friday … just for reporting on the news from Jan. 6th …he’ll discuss Tuesday. |

·9:40am – Tom Del Beccaro – Writer for the Epoch Times, Political Vanguard, an Attorney and Author – Talking about the latest Poll Numbers in the Swing States and he’ll also discuss Biden’s Appearance at the Border which Biden turned into a Climate Change Discussion. |

Wednesday, March 6th -

·5:10am - Tim Rivers

·9:15am – Paul Kamenar - Lead Counsel for the National Legal and Policy Center – Discussing the latest on Fani Willis and updating us on all the other Trump Legal Proceedings. Including how he thinks the Supreme Court will rule on some of those cases. |

·9:40am - Dr. Carole Lieberman – Known as America’s Psychiatrist, and Host of Dr. Carole’s Couch on and the Terrorist Therapist Podcast. She’s a Forensic Psychiatrist, Expert Witness, and Best-Selling Author – You were warned in 2020: Biden is Not Fit to be President! She’ll discuss that and is there really such a thing as National Psyche … in our country? | / /  

Thursday, March 7th -

·5:10am - Paul Kamenar

·9:10am – Donna Jackson – Director of Membership Development for Project 21 Black Leadership Network – Talking about how the Green Agenda is a Financial Disaster for Minority Communities |

·9:40am – Ethan PeckAssociate with the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project – Discussing: Why are US Corporations still funding Terrorist Infiltrated United Nations Relief and Works Agencies? |

Friday, March 8th -

·5:10am- Donna Jackson

·9:10am – Joshua Waller - Co-Host of the Israel Guys – Discussing Israel’s final date for an offensive against Rafah. Why are the Left in this country and elsewhere against the offensive? | /

·9:40am –

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