Gunther Guests - Feb. 19th - Feb. 23rd

Gunther Guests - Week of Feb. 19th-

Monday, February 19th -

·5:10am – Nina May, founder and chairperson of Renaissance Women and producer, director, writer of ‘Emancipation Revelation Revolution’. She’ll be talking about how California lawmakers are offering sweeping legislative proposals calling for massive reparations. |

·9:15am – Logan Church – Political Director of Catholic Vote – She is discussing the threat that Title 9 poses to women and girls, and why Catholics, not to mention all Americans, must oppose it. |

·9:40am – Stephen Willeford – Spokesman for Gun Owners of America – Talking about the shooting at Joel Osteen’s Church, the Kansas City Shooting and he’ll discuss how the reauthorization of the FISA Bill could be trouble for gun owners. | /

Tuesday, February 20th  -

·5:10am - Stephen Willeford

·9:15am – Michael Busler – Economist and Professor at Stockton University - He will talk about where the economy is now, where he thinks it will be in November and the latest poll numbers on the public’s view of the economy. | FB: @Funding Democracy The Economics of Freedom

·9:40am –  Pedro Israel Orta - Author of the Book: ‘The Broken Whistle’ - He will bring his 18 years of experience as a CIA Veteran to today’s Hot Topics on the Intelligence Community. He’ll discuss his book, the news that broke that the CIA planted operatives in the Trump Campaign, and he’ll discuss the CIA interfering in other parts of our Government. |

Wednesday, February 21st  -

·5:10am - Pedro Israel Orta

·9:15am – J. Michael Waller – Author of ‘Big Intel: How the CIA and FBI Went From Cold War Heroes to Deep State Villains’ - He’ll talk about that, he’ll discuss the latest scandal of the CIA infiltrating the Trump Campaign and more! | X (Formally Twitter): @JMichaelWaller

·9:40am - Larry Schweikart – Author of ‘A Patriot’s History of Globalism: Its Rise and Decline’ – Discussing his book, and Globalism in general. |

Thursday, February 22nd  -

·5:10am- J. Michael Waller

·9:15am – Scott McKay – Author of: ‘Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s All Obama’ – He’ll talk about just that … his book, how were more divided on race, and how Obama promised to fundamentally transform America … is that the ruin he’s referring to? We’ll talk about it all, Thursday. |

·9:40am – J. Schuyler Sprowles – Author of the new released and critically acclaimed book: ‘The Young Samaritan’ – He discusses why Jesus Christ has fascinated mankind for centuries. |

Friday, February 23rd  -

·5:10am- Scott McKay

·9:15am- Chad Caton - U.S. Navy Veteran and Operations Director for Veterans for America First – Discussing: How we are taking care of Immigrants and Not Veterans… Plus, Immigration, the Border and his upcoming Salem Media Documentary. |

·9:40am- Jenny Kefauver – Publicist … who books a lot of prominent conservative guests on a lot of top conservative shows. She’s at C-PAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) which it taking place through Saturday. She will give her reaction to some of the speakers who appeared so far this year, she’ll discuss what the mood is like at C-PAC and what’s the general feeling on November’s Election. | Find her on LinkedIn and

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