Here's what's trending for January 13.

The senior Democratic U.S Senator from Pennsylvania currently has a wide polling margin against his opponent. A new Quinnipiac University survey of registered state voters shows Senator Bob Casey currently leads Republican challenger David McCormick by ten points with a 53-43 percent tally. Casey's approval rating is currently at 51 percent. Democratic junior senator, John Fetterman, trails him with a 45 percent approval rating.

A report endorsed by a special education committee has recommended that Pennsylvania should begin to close the school funding gap of more than $5 billion by phasing in increased funding over seven years. But Democratic St. Rep. Mike Sturla says that doesn't mean everything's settled. "Really, this is the end of the beginning. There's still a whole lot of work to do. We've got a whole lot to happen between now and the passing of the next budget," Sturla says.

A Republican state representative says she and everyone else involved in the budget process should not be paid in the new fiscal year until after a spending plan is finalized. "When you are putting other people at risk because you're not doing your job and having a budget passed and getting the money they need to operate, we should feel some similar pain," says Jill Cooper. Democratic Rep. Dave Madsen says he doesn't agree with the proposal saying many state legislators could empty their savings account if a budget stalemate continues too long.

Voting is open in PennDOT's annual "Paint the Plow" contest. Students from schools is each of the department's districts have entered submissions of snow plows decorated with artwork inspired by this year's theme, "Seat belts are always in season". Votes will be collected through the 15th, with winners to be announced during Winter Driving Safety Awareness Week, beginning on the 21st. Visit to pick a favorite.

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