Here's what's trending for August 12.

A former Pennsylvania first lady has died. Ellen Casey, the widow of Gov. Robert Casey and mother of U.S. Senator Bob Casey, passed away Friday in Scranton, according to Sen. Casey's office. Ellen Casey served as first lady from 1987 to 1995 while her husband was governor. The Caseys were married for 50 years and had eight children. Ellen Casey was 91 years old.

Wells Fargo says on November 1, it will close its branch at 1840 Airport Road in Hanover Township. After the office closes, customers will find branches nearby at 1602 Union Blvd., Bethlehem, at the Westgate Mall and at the Schadt Avenue branch in Whitehall Township.

State lawmakers have held a hearing on whether music therapists should be licensed in Pennsylvania. House Bill 1356 was the subject of a committee panel Tuesday that's trying to determine whether to regulate the practice. People who do music therapy say it can be used in much the same way as other therapeutic relationships by addressing patients' physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs. Some examples of the way it's used include for children with cerebral palsy or those on the autism spectrum who learn motor and cognitive skills through non-verbal, musical cues. It can also be used by elderly clients or people with addictions as a way to improve memory or express frustration.

One of the most impressive celestial shows of the year is reaching its peak this weekend. The Perseid meteor shower has had lights streaking across the sky since last month, ramping up to early Sunday morning, when 60 or more meteors can shoot by in an hour. Viewing is best in rural areas in the hours before dawn, but the "shooting stars" can be seen anytime after dark. Light from the moon will not cause much interference this year as it will be in its waning crescent phase.

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