Here's what's trending for March 29.

It appears the Liberty Bell Museum will be on the move from Zion's Reformed United Church to the Lehigh County Historical Society. The museum's board has voted to transfer its assets to the historical society, however, it appears likely the Liberty Bell replica will remain inside the church, which was the hiding place of the 11 bells that were kept from British troops after American revolutionaries officially declared independence from the crown. One of those bells was the State House Bell, known now as the Liberty Bell. Officials say it could take at least six months to move all the exhibits and establish the new display.

This Friday will mark one week since an explosion leveled the R.M. Palmer chocolate factory in West Reading, killing seven people and injuring ten more. West Reading Mayor Samantha Kaag says a vigil is planned for Friday evening. "We encourage the families, the employees, the loved ones, anyone affected to come with pictures, with mementos, bring stories. This is a celebration of a life and a change to all heal together," Kaag said. Meanwhile, The National Transportation Safety Board has taken the lead role into what caused the explosion.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has released its findings from its investigation into a May 2022 explosion that killed five people in Pottstown. The PUC says it found no evidence that natural gas caused the blast. Stanley Banks lives across the street and says he finds that hard to believe. "All this gas that we smelled up here in this area and the amount and how strong it was and for somebody to come along and say it wasn't gas, I find it hard to comprehend," Banks says. PUC investigators say the house that exploded was not being provided with natural gas service by PECO, and the closest gas main was near the sidewalk on the street, up from the house. The PUC says the investigation into what caused the explosion will now shift to inside the home.

The Quakertown School District is getting a new superintendent. Tuesday night, the school board voted unanimously to hire Matthew Friedman to replace Bill Harner, effective July 1. Harner is retiring at the end of June after nearly ten years as superintendent.

After chugging a glass of Philadelphia tap water, Mayor Jim Kenney had a simple message to city residents. "All of the city's drinking water is safe to drink," Kenney said. Kenney's declaration came after a weekend chemical spill in the Delaware River raised concerns with local residents. Water testing has been taking place around the clock to ensure that nobody is at risk.

Tuesday was Three Mile Island anniversary day in Middletown. Tuesday was Three Mile Island anniversary day in Middletown. It was yesterday in 1979 when radioactive steam poured out of the nuclear plant. Maria Frisbee was a 9th-grader at the time and says the incident affects her to this day. "When they used to have those alarms ringing, that would scare us because we thought that there was another accident, another meltdown," Frisbee says.

Philadelphia Eagles' general manager Howie Roseman reportedly says his team hopes to sign Jalen Hurts to a contract extension "relatively soon." Roseman told sports reporters in Arizona Monday that Hurts is a "franchise quarterback" and said it's a priority to extend him. If comparative extension contracts to other higher-end quarterbacks are any indication, Hurts could make as much as 45-million-dollars per year. Hurts, who is 24, was an MVP candidate in 2022 and posted a 14-1 record as starter.

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