Here's what's trending for November 17.

An overturned gasoline tanker is causing all kinds of problems in Bethlehem this morning. The tanker overturned around 2:30 this morning and is spilling fluid in the area of West Union Boulevard and Paul Avenue. That has prompted Bethlehem police to use every officer available to go door-to-door to evacuate everyone within a 1,000-feet radius of the scene. This man is among those who evacuated. "The entire neighborhood was evacuated and taken to Nitchmann Middle School, which is the evacuation point where they're going to let us know when we can return to our homes," the man says. The driver of the tanker was taken to the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Officials have identified remains that were found Monday to be from a missing man who had been known as the 'Kunkletown Killer.' The Northampton County coroner's office says the skeletal remains found by two hunters in Moore Township were those of William Edelman. The 65-year-old Catasauqua man had served time for killing two people in 1990. His family says he was schizophrenic and was suicidal when he was last seen in March. The cause and manner of death are still undetermined.

Wednesday marked the fourth school day in a row that the Lehigh Career & Technology Institute received a threat, either prompting the school to close entirely or go on lockdown. The most-recent threat was received Wednesday morning and school buses that were on their way to LCTI at the time were sent back to their home high schools. LCTI was closed Wednesday, under lockdown for two hours Tuesday and closed Monday and last Friday.

Pennsylvania's outgoing Republican Senator says former President Trump shouldn't be allowed to run for the White House again. Pat Toomey says Trump should be disqualified for his actions on January 6th of last year and for denying the outcome of the 2020 election. The retiring Toomey has been speaking out about Trump inserting himself into the midterms. He says those actions focused the election to be about Trump and not about important state and national issues. Toomey will be replaced by Democrat John Fetterman in January.

Pennsylvania's two senators have split their votes along party lines Wednesday for a bill to formally legalize same-sex marriage. Democrat Bob Casey, Junior voted for the measure and out-going Republican Senator Pat Toomey voted against it. The final vote was 62-to-37 to move the bill, with 12 Republicans joining all 50 Democrats. It now goes to President Biden who's expected to sign it.

Lawyers for both Republican and Democratic candidates for close races in Pennsylvania's state house are currently arguing whether to count provisional ballots. The outcomes in two districts, Bucks County's 142nd and Montgomery County's 151st, will either leave Republicans with a slim majority or give Democrats control for the first time in 12 years. Democrats need just one more seat to win the chamber, while Republicans would need to win both.

Members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives have voted to impeach Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner. One-hundred-seven to 85, that was the decision by state leaders on Wednesday. Lawmakers have been critical of Krasner for his policies that they claim have caused an increase in crime across Philly. There will now be a trial in the State Senate before their deciding vote.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent a group of migrants seeking asylum to the City of Philadelphia. After the bus arrived Wednesday morning, Philadelphia Councilwoman Helen Gym noted that it's a relatively small group of less than 30 people. "This city is going to rise to the occasion, as we always do, and welcome people. But the country needs to deal with the immigration system and welcome people here and pass commonsense immigration reform that benefits everybody, not just Philadelphia," Gym says. She says she thinks everyone was well prepared, from the city team to assisting advocates.

You could soon take part in a survey on invasive insect species. Pennsylvania agriculture officials have launched the first statewide survey to measure the costs of how much damage the critters cause to the state. The governor's Invasive Species Council is asking residents to complete the survey on the state agriculture's website. Researchers say they especially want to study the price for controlling the invasive bugs in the state's 133-billion-dollar agriculture and food industry.

New Jersey is expanding access to police misconduct records but reformers say the move doesn't go far enough. State Attorney General Matthew Platkin, in response to a state Supreme Court decision, is ordering police departments to publicly disclose seven types of police misconduct. That includes discrimination, lying, domestic violence and filing false reports. Platkin says it's a major step towards "transparency."

Governor Murphy is pressing pause on plans to eliminate mental health counseling in dozens of New Jersey schools. The governor told News 12 New Jersey that his administration will fund the programs that currently exist but also plans to cast a wider net when it comes to addressing mental health post-pandemic. He says a formal announcement will be coming soon. Murphy backpedaled plans to get rid of mental health counseling in 90 schools after facing backlash from advocates for School-Based Youth Services.

New Jersey is waiving the fee for people who want to change their names. It's part of legislation that Governor Murphy signed yesterday during Transgender Awareness Week, and his administration promises further protections for the LGBT+ community. The measure also requires the Department of Treasury to keep all name changes confidential.

Phillies star Bryce Harper is preparing for elbow surgery next week. Manager Rob Thomson says losing a player of Harper's caliber is never good, but it presents opportunity for others. "We spent a lot of time last year without him and guys responded and it gave opportunities to other people to step up and they did. While we will be missing him and looking forward to getting him back, it'll give someone else an opportunity," Thomson says. Team officials say there's no timetable for his recovery.

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