Boys Who Saved Father Say They Learned CPR From 'The Sandlot'

Stairs to the pool

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Two twin 10-year-old brothers -- along with their friend -- managed to save their father's life using a technique they learned from a classic film.

Bridon Hassig credited the Sandlot for teaching him CPR, which he performed on his father, Brad, after he'd blacked out while performing routine breathing exercises in his Alabama backyard pool, NBC News reports.

Christian Hassig, Bridon's twin brother, said he noticed his father "wasn't OK because he was laying on his side and his face was starting to turn blue."

Bridon and their neighbor, Sam Ebert, dove into the water to pull Brad next to the steps before realizing that Brad's phone was locked and they didn't have their own phones to call 911.

Christian ran to look for help before flagging down a car and asking them to call 911 as Bridon and Sam realized they'd need to perform CPR and went through the steps detailed in the Sandlot scene in which Wendy Peffercorn performs the technique on Squints Palledorous, who faked his own drowning to steal a kiss from the lifeguard.

Luckily, the CPR technique worked as Brad spit up water while responding medics arrived at the scene.

"I heard 'daddy, daddy come back,'"Brad said via NBC News. "Everyone was everywhere. There were first responders. ... It was crazy." 

"I went from just complete peace, saying the Lord’s Prayer and then everything was just white," Brad added. "And as I kind of moved, I was moving over to my side and I went from peace to being slammed on the deck of the pool. And then just chaos."

Brad was taken to the hospital, but has since recovered from the incident and is convinced the boys had supernatural assistance in saving his life.

"There’s no way physically they should have been able to pull a 185 pound man out of the water like that," Brad said via NBC News. "And to know and do what all of them did perfectly, as quickly, no lack of action, to run as fast as they did, it’s God's hand was all over it."

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