Here's what's trending for June 8.

The Bethlehem Fire Department’s bomb squad disconnected a fireworks device overnight outside Shawnee Elementary School in Forks Township. Witnesses told police there was a black tube with an orange cable going to an electronic detonator that was beeping, There had been reports of loud explosions in that area before police arrived. The tube turned out to be a mortar that launches fireworks into the air.

Police have made an arrest after gunfire was heard in an Allentown park Monday evening. Surveillance video showed a fight in Jordan Park around 6:45 p.m., and a man firing a gun. That man was identified as 30-year-old Yenfries Adames, who was arrested later at his home in Allentown. Investigators say they also found the gun there. Several people were in the park at the time and reported hearing the gunshot, but no injuries were reported.

Police are still looking for the suspect or suspects involved in a shooting the Poconos that injured one man. The incident happened Monday evening when an altercation broke out on the basketball court at TLC Park in Pocono Township. The victim is expected to survive.

In a 30-20 vote, the state Senate has passed legislation dubbed the "Fairness in Women's Sports Act", which would prohibit eligibility for transgender females to play women's sports in the state. St. Sen. Judy Ward joined 27 other Republicans who voted for the measure. "Over the past half century, we have fought to protect athletic opportunities for female students and now these opportunities are in jeopardy. Opportunities that we have had since the early 1970s and Title IX unfortunately could be a thing of the past if we don't work to protect them," Ward says. 28 Republicans, one independent and one Democrat, the Lehigh Valley's Lisa Boscola, voted in favor of the bill, which would prohibit transgender females from participating in women or girls sports in public and charter schools and state universities and community colleges. Gov. Tom Wolf is almost certainly going to veto the bill.

After picking up about a-third-of-an-inch of rain Tuesday, Accu-Weather's Bill Deger says the Lehigh Valley has more on the way. "We'll see another round of rain arriving before midnight tonight," Deger says. This rain could fall hard enough to cause some potential flooding problems. Whatever rain arrives late tonight should almost all be out of the area by early Thursday morning.

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