Here's what's trending for May 18.

Pennsylvania law requires an automatic recount in races where the difference is half-a-percent or less. That's where the Republican U.S. Senate primary sits today. Dave McCormick and Dr. Mehmet Oz are both at 31 percent of the vote and McCormick acknowledged Tuesday night we might not know who won for a little while yet. "Unfortunately we're not going to have a resolution tonight, but we can see the path ahead. We can see victory ahead and it's all because of you. So thank you Pennsylvania," McCormick said. McCormick talks like a winner, but so did Oz when he addressed supporters. "When our city on the hill is shining bright, others see it and they make their cities bright as well. That's why I'm running for the Senate. That's why I'll be the next senator Pennsylvania and that's what I promise we will bring," Oz said. Kathy Barnette earned 25 percent of the vote to finish third and thanked those who backed her. "I have friends that I know I will keep forever. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I appreciate it so much," Barnette said. Right now, Oz leads McCormick by about 2600 votes, with some mail-in and election day votes still uncounted.

He doesn't know who he'll face off against, but Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman knows he has won the Democratic U.S. Senate primary. While Fetterman remains hospitalized after suffering a stroke last week and having a pacemaker installed yesterday, his wife, Gisele, addressed supporters last night. "At heart, he's still that hard-working classy, small-town mayor. He wants to know the people he's serving. He feels a responsibility to each and every of them," Mrs. Fetterman said. Fetterman earned 59 percent of the vote to easily defeat runner-up Conor Lamb by 33 points.

After handily winning the Republican gubernatorial primary, St. Sen. Doug Mastriano promised he'd restore personal freedoms immediately if he wins the general election this November. "On day one, any jab-or-job requirements are gone. On day one, I'll be happy to reinstate any National Guard member or Air Guard member who was kicked out because of the jab-or-job requirement," Mastriano said. Mastriano easily defeated eight other Republicans after pulling in 44 percent of the vote. Lou Barletta finished second, 24 points back, while Bill McSwain ended up third. Mastriano will go up against Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who ran unopposed on the Democratic side of the ballot.

Pennsylvania's attorney general and the Democrats' candidate for governor has tested positive for COVID-19. Josh Shapiro says he took a precautionary test, which came back positive for the virus. Shapiro says his symptoms are mild as of now, and he will continue to work as he isolates in his home. He plans on kicking off the general election campaign in Johnstown as soon as his isolation ends.

State lawmaker and public relations firm owner Carrie DelRosso has won Pennsylvania's votes in the state primary to be the next lieutenant governor. As a state legislator, she represents the 33rd District from Allegheny County. DelRosso is also a former borough council member.

St. Rep. Austin Davis is getting the Democrats' nod to run for lieutenant governor. The McKeesport native beat out St. Rep. Brian Sims in the contest. Davis has been endorsed by Attorney General Josh Shapiro who ran unopposed in the Democrats' bid for governor. Davis has served in the General Assembly since 2018.

Most of the local races remain undecided. In the GOP primary in the 7th Congressional District, Kevin Dellicker trails Lisa Scheller by only about 1800 votes at last count. Powerful St. Sen. Pat Browne and challenger Jarrett Coleman have essentially split the vote in their Republican primary, with Coleman leading by a slim 30 votes in their 16th District race. Nobody has been declared a winner in either of the 14th Senate District races. Dean Browning currently leads Cynthia Miller by 19 points on the GOP side, while Nicholas Miller leads Tara Zrinski by just 78 votes. In contested state House races, Pete Schweyer has handily defeated Enid Santiago and Joshua Siegel and Ryan Mackenzie are both holding healthy leads, however have not been declared winners yet.

UGI customers are going to see another jump in their monthly gas bill, then another one this winter. The utility said its rates will go up on June 1. The average customer will see a monthly increase of about 7%, from $99.38 per month to $106.74 per month. The company plans to raise costs again on December 1, if the hike is approved by the state Public Utility Commission. If approved, residential customers will see another increase of about 5%, or up to $112.36 per month.

A 43-year-old Easton man threatened to kill three police officers who were arresting him early Sunday after he tried burglarizing the home of his upstairs neighbor in Bangor. Melvin Bisher Jr., of the 400 block of West Berwick Street, allegedly attempted to break into the home late Saturday night, but left before police arrived. A little more than three hours later, police returned for another burglary report. Bisher went to a nearby home and when officers arrived to arrest him, Bisher twice kicked two of the officers in the leg and threatened to kill them and later threatened one of the officers with murder and said he would burn down that officer’s home.

One person has been taken into custody after week-long investigation into a shots-fired incident in Allentown. 19-year-old Jaseer Pearson has been charged with carrying a firearm without a license and recklessly endangering another person. The Allentown Police Department says the arrest has come a week after officers were dispatched to the area of North Fourth Street and Chestnut Street for a gunfire incident on May 13th.

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