Here's what's trending for May 17.

Polls are open today from 7am until 8pm and voters in our area will have plenty to choose from. While Democrats only have Josh Shapiro in today's governor's race, there are nine Republicans on the ballot, however two of them, Jake Corman and Melissa Hart, have dropped out. Nine Republicans are also running for Lieutenant Governor, while three Democrats are doing likewise. Congresswoman Susan Wild is the only Democrat in the 7th Congressional District race, while Kevin Dellicker and Lisa Scheller both hope to be the Republican candidate to oppose her this fall. Three Democrats and three Republicans are on the ballot today in the 14th state Senate District. Republicans will choose between incumbents Gary Day and Ryan Mackenzie, who are pitted against one another due to redistricting in the 187th state House District. Democrats have two candidates on the ballot in both the 134th and 22nd House districts.

Polls show three Republicans are almost neck-and-neck heading into today's U.S. Senate primary in Pennsylvania. Dr. Mehmet Oz says he's proud of his run. "I've been able to stand on my own two feet, very proudly, and live up to the promise of my campaign," says Oz. Kathy Barnette says her surge in the polls is due to old fashioned hard work. "Contrary to what mainstream media is trying to say, I did not just fall from under a rock yesterday. I have been here doing the hard work and it was the media, quite frankly, that was derelict in their duty," Barnette says. Dave McCormick says GOP voters are paying attention to this race in particular. "Voters are really focused right now on this race. They're angry. They feel like their country is going in a terrible direction and they realize the stakes on this race are incredibly high and so they're engaged," McCormick says. Four other Republicans, Carla Sands, Jeff Bartos, Sean Gale and George Bochetto are on the ballot today on the GOP side.

Republican senatorial candidate Kathy Barnette is gaining ground on fellow Republican Mehmet Oz ahead of today's primary voting. The two are now in a virtual tie. Aggregate polling data from Real Clear Politics estimates Oz still has 23 percent support among seven nominees, but Barnette is close behind at 21 percent. She's also now ahead of former hedge fund manager Dave McCormick, who polled at 20 percent.

There are four names on the Democratic ballot for U.S. Senate. Three are considered leading candidates. Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who remains in the hospital after suffering a stroke last Friday, Congressman Conor Lamb and St. Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta all hope to advance to this November's general election.

Catasauqua police confirm an investigation has begun after a rideshare driver refused a ride to a bar owner and her companion over racist comments. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media. Police say the bar owner's companion made a derogatory comment about the driver after he refused service to the couple and that the companion also threatened the driver. Borough police Chief Douglas Kish says no charges have been filed but the investigation in on-going.

A new business will soon occupy the old Bon-Ton store space at Palmer Park Mall. Decor Home Furniture, posted on social media that it will soon open on the west end of the shopping center that's located in Palmer Township. Bon-Ton declared bankruptcy in January 2018 and closed its stores in August of that same year.

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