Here's what's trending for May 9.

The fate of Roe vs. Wade continues to spark debate across the nation. Michael Cioccocioppo is executive director of the PA Pro-Life Federation and says abortion is not women's health care. "A living human being is either chopped up into little pieces and sucked out or is chemically killed inside the womb," Ciccocioppo says. Lafayette College student Emily Mackin doesn't buy that argument. "Murder is when you're talking about a person and an individual who has thoughts and is able to live outside of that womb. Making that claim is not legitimate because most abortions do not take place before a baby is fully formed," Mackin says. She was among those attending an abortion rights rally at Easton's Scott Park on Sunday.

PennDOT is announcing a closure in Northampton County. Starting today, Martins Creek Belvidere Highway in Lower Mount Bethel Township will be closed for culvert replacement work. Traffic will be detoured on Route 611. Work is expected to be completed in July.

Former President Trump and his secretary of state are on different sides of Pennsylvania's Republican Senate race. The ex-President reminded people at a Pennsylvania rally Friday night, he's a Mehmet Oz backer. "Dr. Oz is a man who truly believes in 'Make America Great Again'. He believes it 100 percent and he's in love with our country," Trump said. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo questions Oz's connections to his native Turkey and says Oz voted in the Turkish presidential election, but America's. "We and the people of Pennsylvanians and Americans, who he will be representing as one of 100 members of the Senate voting on important national security matters, need to understand the scope and depth of his relationship with the Turkish government," Pompeo said. Pompeo backs Dave McCormick in next week's primary.

Penn State officials say the Nittany Lion shrine on campus was vandalized overnight Saturday into Sunday. The vandals reportedly broke an ear off of the statue and splashed red paint on the shrine. Nathan Wisnewski graduated from Penn State over the weekend and says it's disappointing. "I think it's really disrespectful and I'm not really sure what the intentions were behind it. But I think it's sad and I hope it never happens again," Wisnewski said. Vandals also spray-painted graffiti on Old Main and the Hintz Family Alumni Center.

New York Giants running back and former Whitehall High School standout Saquon Barkley has officially graduated from Penn State University. Barkley vowed to become the first member of his family to earn a degree and over the weekend he achieved just that.

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