Gunther Guests - May 9th - May 13th!

Gunther Guests – Week of May 9th -

Monday, May 9th -  

·5:10am – Cheryl Chumley – Washington Times Online Opinion Editor - Talking about her new book: ‘Lockdown: The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom’ |

·9:10am – Candidate for Governor of PA – Dr. Nche Zama – Gunther will talk to him about his run, and we will find out where he stands on the issues. |

·9:40am – Sheri Few, Founder and President of United Parents Involved in Education – She’ll talk about their documentary film: ‘Truth and Lies in American Education’. She will also talk about the Historic Tulsa Race Massacre Case moving forward in the Courts and what it might mean for Reparations and Race Relations in the Future. |

Tuesday, May 10th -    

·5:10am – Sheri Few

·9:10am – Former Ambassador Francis Rooney – He was an Ambassador to the Holy Sea under President George W. Bush – He says: ‘If Putin wants a COLD WAR... the World should give him one!’ – We’ll discuss that and more Tuesday! |

·9:40am – Allan Parker, President of the Justice Foundation – He represented Norma McCorvey ... formally Roe of Roe V. Wade, and Sandra Cano, who was the DOE in Doe Vs. Bolton Case. It’s HIS CASE...(Dobbs Vs. Jackson) that was ‘LEAKED’ from the Supreme Court and he will talk about it Tuesday Morning! | &

Wednesday, May 11th -  

·5:10am - Allan Parker

·9:10am –


Thursday, May 12th -  

·5:10am –  

·9:10am –

·9:45am – Former GA Congressman, Bob Barr – Talking about the all the Controversy surrounding the Supreme Court, including the leak of the abortion case and the Left’s reaction to what might be a ruling on abortion... and he’ll also discuss other hot topics! | /

Friday, May 13th -   

·5:10am – Bob Barr

·9am – 10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent Michael Cutler – Talking about the on-going invasion of our Southern Border. And he’ll talk about Mayorkas living up to the expectations of him being a zealous opponent of immigration law. |


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