Here's what's trending for May 4.

Pennsylvania's governor has tweeted about reports the Supreme Court is prepared to overturn the Roe vs. Wade ruling that legalized abortion. Gov. Tom Wolf tweeted, "Abortion is and will remain legal in Pennsylvania. Three things to keep in mind: An official ruling has not yet been made; once the Supreme Court does rule, it’s up to states to pass legislation to change abortion laws and I’ll veto any anti-choice legislation that lands on my desk."

A leaked document shows the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe-v-Wade this summer. There's plenty of reaction from Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidates. The lone Democrat on the ballot, Josh Shapiro, says simply, "Her body. Her choice." Republican Lou Barletta says, "If this is true, this is an enormous life-saving victory for unborn children." Republican Jake Corman says, "I wouldn't be surprised if legislation is moved on the issue and I'd encourage it." Fellow Republican Bill McSwain says, "If true, this is of course the correct decision, both constitutionally and morally. But this leak is an outrageous attack on the Court." Republican Dave White says, "It is both a moment of joy and of great sadness. Joy for the millions of lives that will now be spared. Sorrow for the tens of millions who were never giving the chance to laugh or to love." In a statement, Doug Mastriano says, "It is a good sign the majority of justices at this time are inclined to follow the science."

Roe vs Wade could be on the way out as soon as this summer. Lt. Gov. and Senate candidate Democrat John Fetterman is outraged. He says, "The right to an abortion is sacred. Democrats have to act quickly and get rid of the filibuster to pass the Women's Health Protecttion Act and finally codify Roe v Wade into law." Other Democrats running for Senate agree with Fetterman. Conor Lamb says, "If Democrats lose in PA, Congress may never save Roe. Poor women will suffer most." Malcolm Kenyatta says, "We must expand the US Supreme Court. We must pry the court loose from an increasingly radical right wing majority intent on rolling the clock back on settled law and precedent." Republican candidates have a much different take. Dr. Mehmet Oz says, "The Court is right. Roe was wrongly decided. Abortion laws should be left up to the American people and their elected representatives." Jeff Bartos says, "Roe was wrongly-decided. The Court now has the opportunity to follow the Constitution and allow the states to protect the unborn." Kathy Barnette, who was a product of a rape says, "My own life is a testament that all life has value." Another Republican, Carla Sands says, "I'm praying for the end of Roe v Wade and this week was intended to intimidate pro-life justices. We must always remain strong and always protect life."

It appears the U.S. Supreme Court plans to overturn the Roe vs. Wade ruling that made abortion legal nationwide. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy calls it a "truly dark day in America" and says Congress needs to act to maintain a woman's right to abort her baby. "If this Congress won't protect reproductive freedom, America needs to elect a Congress in November that will," Murphy said. He says New Jersey's abortion laws will not change regardless of the Supreme Court ruling.

Northampton County flags are flying at half-staff in memory of former County Executive John Stoffa, who died Monday at the age of 82. Stoffa’s wife says her husband was hospitalized for eight weeks prior to his death. Former Northampton County Councilman Ron Angle says, "Party didn't matter to John Stoffa, it mattered about doing right for people." Former Lehigh County Executive Jane Ervin says, "John cared deeply about people who needed help. He was a very compassionate man." Stoffa was county executive for eight years starting in 2006.

School district leaders in Easton say a two percent tax increase is needed. They heard comments Tuesday night about the proposed 2022-23 budget that has an increase of over ten percent. Chief Financial Officer Michael Sokoloski says the hike is due to increased costs across the board. Without it, he contends the district will face a deficit of about $7 million. The proposed budget will be voted on later this month.

AAA East Central says gas prices are still going higher both in the Lehigh Valley and across the commonwealth. AAA says the average price for a gallon of unleaded gas in Pennsylvania jumped a whopping 16 cents a gallon from the previous week. The price is now $4.37 a gallon, $1.36 higher than May 3 of last year. Here in the Lehigh Valley, the price increased 14 cents over the past seven days to $4.36 a gallon, which is $1.39 higher than one year ago.

Pennsylvania brought in more money in April that in any other month ever. Pennsylvania collected $6.5 billion in general fund revenue last month, which is 38.7-percent over estimate. According to the governor's office, fiscal year-to-date general fund collections total $40.7 billion, which is $4.5 billion over budgeted estimates.

A seventh commercial flock has been affected by avian flu in Pennsylvania, according to the USDA. The location of new case has not been released yet. In total, almost 4 million birds have been affected in Pennsylvania since the first case was reported.

A national nonprofit organization is working in Pennsylvania to get the Muslim community more involved in politics. Salima Suswell is with Engage USA and says it's affirming when Muslims hear elected officials talk about inclusion and about Islam because voting concerns are one of their top priorities. A recent report analyzing Muslim voter turnout during the 2020 election found that found that 52 percent of registered Muslim voters voted early or via absentee ballots in 2020 because of voting concerns.

Nearly three years after the deadliest anti-Semitic attack on U.S. soil, the congregation of the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh has unveiled plans for a new design. The synagogue building has been vacant since Oct. 27, 2018 when a shooter killed 11 worshipers. Congregational leaders say the new Tree of Life will serve as a museum and national center to work toward ending hostility against Jews.

New Jersey's single use plastic bag ban begins today. The law was signed by Gov. Phil Murphy in November 2000. Wawa officials say they will give away 1000 free reusable bags at each of their convenience store locations across the Garden State today.

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