Gunther Guests - Feb. 28th - March 4th

Gunther Guests – Week of Feb. 28th

Monday, Feb. 28th

·5:10am – Lee Williams, known as the Gun Writer... For decades he has been writing about the Second Amendment, Firearms, the Firearms Industry and more. He will discuss an interesting survey that shows what the majority of people want, when it comes to Gun Laws. | / ARMEDAMERICANNEWS.COM or .ORG

·9:10am – Steve Milloy – Founder of and Author of ‘Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA’ – He’ll discuss his book. Plus, on Monday the Supreme Court will be hearing Arguments which will decide whether the Obama Administration violated the Constitution with their Clean Power Act... he’ll also talk about that. |

·9:40am – Robert Charles, Spokesman for AMAC, Former Assistant Secretary of State for George W. Bush, and Former Naval Intelligence Officer – Talking about the Situation in the Ukraine... how does he think it will play out? |

Tuesday, March 1st -

·5:10am – Robert Charles

·9:10am – Kathy Barnette – Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate – Talking about where she stands on the issues, and why we should pick her from the crowded field of Candidates. |

·9:40am – Cicely Davis Running for Congress in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District against Ilhan Omar - She just returned from CPAC... she’ll talk about CPAC, her run for Congress and more! |

Wednesday, March 2nd -

·5:10am – Cicely Davis

·9:10am – Kenny Xu – Is Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine a wake-up call for Americans? – He’ll discuss how this ties into his new book: ‘An Inconvenient Minority: The Attack on Asian American Excellence and the Fight for Meritocracy’ |

·9:45am – John D. Kuhns – Author of: ‘They Call Me Ishmael.’ He’ll talk about his book with Gunther, and he will discuss the unfolding story of Chinese War Planes entering Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone. Russia has us on our heels... is China Next? |

Thursday, March 3rd -  BOWLATHON STARTS – 610-841-4999

·5:10am – Kenny Xu

·9:15am – Scott Uehlinger – Retired CIA Officer, who served the CIA in the Former Society Union – He’ll give his on going analysis of what’s going on in the Ukraine; And we’ll learn about some moral victories the Ukrainian People might be inspired by. | Twitter: @TheStationChief

·9:45am – Karen Straughan – a Critic of Feminism and an Advocate for a Men’s Right Group based in Edmonton Alberta Canada – She’ll discuss the aftermath of the Freedom Convoy, and how do people in Fly Over Country feel about Trudeau and more. | YouTube Channel: ‘GirlWritesWhat’

Friday, March 4th -

·5:10am – Scott Uehlinger

·9am - 10am – Michael Cutler, Retired Senor INS Agent – Talking about his Latest Article: ‘Putin’s Threating Retribution if America intervenes in the Ukraine Invasion’ ... It all ties into our Immigration Policy. He’ll tell us about this, and The Biden Administration now dumping over 16,000 Afghans in Virginia and the backlash that has brought...Friday! |

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