Here's what's trending for October 11.

Allentown developer Nat Hyman wants to donate a floor of his apartment building at the corner of Court and Race streets to the Allentown police with that space to be used as a substation. Hyman believes it will happen. "The police want to do it. I want to do it. The mayor wants to do it. So we're good to go and we're going to start construction shortly," Hyman says. He says a substation is needed in the area with a lot of nightlife spots and violence. Assuming Allentown's zoning board gives its approval, the substation would be on the third floor of his Adelaide apartment building, giving, Hyman says, police a bird's eye view of the neighborhood.

Data on breakthrough covid-19 cases in the state is now available to the public. The Pennsylvania Department of Health released its report that shows that since January of this year, about 9-percent of COVID cases came from people who were fully vaccinated before infection. The report also shows that 93-percent of reported COVID hospitalizations this year have been from unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated individuals. The same group made up 93-percent of COVID-related deaths this year.

Gas prices are continuing to rise in Pennsylvania and across the country. AAA officials say prices are at their highest level in seven-years. The national average is $3.26 per gallon. In Pennsylvania, the average is $3.40 per gallon.

St. Sen. Doug Mastriano is slamming a U.S. Senate judiciary committee for accusing him of attempting to overturn the 2020 election results. Last week, the committee released its report that accuses Mastriano and Congressman Scott Perry of providing false election claims to the former u.s. associate deputy attorney general. The report called for further investigation into the two. Mastriano says this report is another attempt to distract from real issues that need attention at the federal level. He added that the report was so biased and inaccurate that senate judiciary republicans felt compelled to issue their own, separate report.

The box around the Christopher Columbus statue in Philadelphia is not going anywhere. It comes after a judge's decision in the Commonwealth Court that listened to Mayor Jim Kenney's plea and approved that the box may stay. It also came ahead of the first Indigenous Peoples day in Philly. A judge ruled in August that the controversial statue may stay put in Philadelphia.

Federal authorities say a nuclear engineer and his wife accused of espionage used an address in Pittsburgh to help conceal their crime. The FBI said yesterday that Jonathan and Diana Toebbe of Annapolis were arrested in West Virginia for violating the Atomic Energy Act. Officials say the Toebbe's used a return address in Pittsburgh to send classified information about submarines from the U.S. Navy to a foreign government. The Toebbe's are set to appear in federal court in West Virginia on Tuesday.

New Jersey residents only have one more day to register to vote in the general election. Residents 18 and older can now sign up to vote on New Jersey's official state website. From there you will need to provide a driver's license, identification card, or social security number. Election Day is November 2nd, but early voting kicks off later this month.

A late touchdown following a blocked punt gave the Philadelphia Eagles a 21-18 win in Carolina. Head coach Nick Sirianni says it wasn't very pretty, but the ending was. "The offense wasn't going good for a long time of that game. But when they needed to make plays at the end, they made the plays they needed to make. I'm really happy for the guys," Sirianni says. The Eagles are now 2-3 and next play Thursday night at home against Tampa Bay.

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