Here's what's trending for December 8.

Pennsylvania's Department of Health reported 14,960 new cases of COVID-19 over a two-day period of time. Pennsylvania's new overall number now sits at 426,444. 111 new coronavirus-related deaths were also reported over that 2 day span, bringing Pennsylvania's overall total 11,373. There are currently 5300 people hospitalized with coronavirus, 1107 of whom are in intensive care.

Gov. Tom Wolf isn't painting a very rosy picture when it comes to Pennsylvania's current coronavirus situation. "If we don't slow the spread of this dangerous virus now, if we don't do this, the reality is that COVID-19 will overwhelm our hospitals, will overwhelm our health care systems," Wolf says. The governor didn't announce new restrictions to attempt to reduce the spread of the virus but did indicate that he may have to reconsider if the trend continues. Wolf added that Pennsylvania's situation has clearly become more dire and that COVID-19 is spreading dangerously everywhere in the commonwealth.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy says COVID-19 contact tracing isn't a witch hunt. The governor is urging residents to work with tracers, after disclosing that 74-percent of people are not cooperating with them. New Jersey has about 30 contact tracers for every 100,000 residents, with the goal of stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Restaurants in New Jersey are safe for now even though coronavirus cases continue surging. Gov. Phil Murphy currently doesn't have any plans to shut down restaurants since there's no proof that indoor dining is connected to the spread of COVID-19, saying he's already put restrictions in place like closing restaurants at 10pm and getting rid of bar seating. The governor says shutting down restaurants would have a negative economic impact since there's no way to financially keep them afloat.

New Jerseyans are awaiting a second stimulus package as lawmakers navigate COVID-19. Congress is drafting a bill for $908 billion, but Gov. Phil Murphy says the real need is closer to $3 trillion. The governor says any kind of financial aid is welcomes with taking care of those who are unemployed and restaurants his top priority.

The trial for the man accused of killing Holly Grim has been pushed back to January 2022. A Monroe County judge says the postponement is needed because the pandemic has created a backlog of court cases. That means 54-year-old Michael Horvath's trial won't happen for another 13 months. Horvath allegedly kidnapped Grim from her Lower Macungie Township trailer in November 2013, took her to his Ross Township home, where he killed her and disposed of her body. Horvath was charged in October 2016. He and Grim worked together at Allen Organ in Macungie.

The search for a missing Salisbury Township woman has ended. The body of 58-year-old Eleanor Camacho was found inside her vehicle Sunday afternoon in a parking lot at Lumber and Turner streets in Allentown. Camacho had been missing since Thursday after she left home to pick up a passenger for a rideshare service. Investigators are not giving any other information about Camacho's death.

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says the nation needs the U.S. Supreme Court to step in and ensure that the Constitution and the law is being followed on Election Day, particularly in Pennsylvania. "In Pennsylvania the problem was made worse because the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is a partisan, Democratic court that has issued multiple decisions that are contrary to law and that's not how elections are supposed to work," Cruz says. Cruz has been asked by President Trump's legal team if he'd be willing to present the oral argument if the Supreme Court takes the case and he says told them he would. Pennsylvania Republicans are asking the Supreme Court to overturn the state's 2019 law on mail-in voting.

Pennsylvania's attorney general is getting an almost $3 million settlement from Nationstar Mortgage. Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced he got a piece of the nationwide settlement from Nationstar Mortgage for violating consumer protection laws. The original $86 million settlement was secured by about 50 attorneys general and other state and federal agencies. Shapiro says the settlement affects more than 2200 loans in the state.

New Jersey lawmakers are working to crack down on so-called porch pirates as online shopping continues throughout the pandemic. The Assembly's Judiciary Committee approved a bill Monday that would make it a third-degree crime to steal a package from someone's doorstep. Whether the package is valued at $15 or $15,000 thieves could face three to five years in prison if they're caught. The bill applies to packages valued at less than $75,000.

New Jersey continues working towards legalizing marijuana and creating an industry, but advocates say lawmakers aren't doing enough for marginalized communities. Dozens of advocates sent a letter to the New Jersey House and Senate Monday, calling on the legislature to create a more equitable marketplace for people of color. Advocates say current legislation isn't clear about how people of color, women and veterans will have the opportunity to succeed in the new industry. The letter made several suggestions, one of them being to create a "Cannibis Equity Applicant" status.

Former Philadelphia Phillies great Dick Allen has died. Allen passed away Monday at the age of 78. Allen won the 1964 Rookie of the Year Award with the Phillies and was the 1972 American League MVP while playing with the Chicago White Sox. Allen had his number 15 retired by the Phillies in September.

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