November 2020 Birthdays

If you are a BIRTHDAY winner... PLEASE email with the following info: Your Name, Your Birthdate and Your Mailing Address! Prize Office remains closed. We will MAIL out your gift cert to you!

Sunday/Monday, November 1/2

Tom Jones

Tuesday, November 3

Amanda Heller

Wednesday, November 4

Nova Griffin

Age 2

Thursday, November 5

Gretchen Kohler

Friday/Saturday, November 6/7

Anna Longenderfer

Age 12

Sunday/Monday, November 8/9

Stacy Keefer

Tuesday, November 10

Brennen Sullivan

Age 40

Wednesday, November 11

Hannah Goodyear

Age 9

Thursday, November 12

Abby Smith

Friday/Saturday, November 13/14

Ty Saylor

Age 46

Sunday/Monday, November 15/16

Jacob Williams (Allentown)

Tuesday, November 17

Phil Renaldo (Bethlehem)

Age 42

Wednesday, November 18

Rebekah Fodale

Thursday, November 19

Mark Adams

Friday/Saturday, November 20/21

Emily Fehr

Sunday/Monday, November 22/23

Phyllis Bender

Tuesday, November 24

Bob Stetser

Age 60

Wednesday, November 25

Carla Lindenmuth

Thursday, November 26

Daniel Seitter

Friday/Saturday, November 27/28

Santiago Monet

Sunday/Monday, November 29/30

Karen Heimer

Age 74

Tuesday, December 1

Scott Keiser

Wednesday, December 2

Genieve Willie

Age 4

Thursday, December 3

Dorothy Yergey

Friday/Saturday, December 4/5

Benjamin Martins

Age 6

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