Here's what's trending for November 2.

Both presidential candidates hit Pennsylvania over the weekend. Democrat Joe Biden looked for the Philadelphia-area vote Sunday and once again hit President Trump on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. "This administration knew back in January how deadly this virus was. You may have heard me say the intelligence community briefed him on it, but he said he never read it. Well, that didn't surprise me that he doesn't read," Biden said. Saturday at the Reading Regional Airport, President Trump told supporters they should not buy the polls. "That great red wave is going to be very beautiful to watch. We're looking good and if we win Pennsylvania, it's over. It's over," the President said. The President returns to Pennsylvania today with a stop in Luzerne County while the Biden campaign heads to Pittsburgh.

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is scheduled for a Lehigh Valley visit today. She's taking part in a Lehigh Valley Latino Get Out the Vote drive-in event at 1 o'clock today. However, at this point, exactly where the campaign stop will take place has not been released.

The Secretary of the Commonwealth says in-person voting tomorrow will be as safe and sanitary as possible. "We're going to have the polling place all safe. The Department of State and PEMA provided, at no cost to the counties, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, face shields, tape to mark social distance. All those things will be in place at your polling place on Election Day," says Kathy Boockvar. She says if you're still unsure where your polling location is or not sure what type of voting system your municipality has, you can answer both questions at

More than 3.5-million New Jerseyans have already voted. That's according to Gov. Phil Murphy, who is telling voters to "keep it up." He says the amount of votes already in is more than 88-percent of voter turnout for the 2016 election. He signed an executive order back in August to protect public health during the coronavirus pandemic, making a majority of the 2020 Presidential Election mail-in.

One car rental company is helping Pennsylvania residents get to the polls tomorrow. Hertz is offering a deal that will give customers renting a vehicle beginning today for two or more days, a free rental day. It's part of a program called "Drive the Vote" and it's available to folks in other states as well. The company also has helped essential workers get to and from work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Allentown police are investigating after two women were shot over the weekend. The two women, who are both in their mid-20s were shot around 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon in the 500 block of Emery Street. One of the women has non-life-threatening injuries while the other is listed as critical, but stable, at a nearby hosptial. Police aren't saying a lot about the shootings but they don't think it was a random incident.

Some layoffs are coming for faculty at State System of Higher Education schools. It's reported that more than 100 faculty members will lose their jobs by the end of the academic year. Those who will be laid off were reportedly notified by letter last Friday.

New Jersey is reporting more than 1000 new coronavirus cases for the 15th day in a row. As of Sunday, 1751 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed. The statewide transmission rate is slowly ticking higher and is at 1.29, which is above the state's key benchmark. Gov. Phil Murphy reminded people to stay vigilant Sunday, saying the virus has not gone away just because we are tired of it.

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