Here's what's trending for October 30.

2202 new cases of the coronavirus were reported in Pennsylvania Thursday, pushing the overall total beyone 202,000. Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine says the coronavirus-related hospitalizations are trending in the wrong direction as well. "Approximately 1187 patients are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19. This number has increased by nearly 500 cases in the last three-to-four weeks," Levine says. Of those currently hospitalized, Levine says 114 have required a ventilator. Levine says 44 new coronavirus-related deaths were added to the state total, bumping it to 8762.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy says the second wave of coronavirus is no longer in the distant future. Murphy said the second wave is "coming in now" after the state announced another 1477 cases Thursday. That's the 12th straight day that New Jersey has reported more than 1000 new COVID cases. The governor says hospitals have greater capacity to deal with a second wave.

During a Thursday budget hearing, Allentown police Chief Glenn Granitz explained why he's asking for $40.8 million for the city's police department in the 2021 budget. Granitz told City Council violent crime has dropped in the city in nine of the past ten years and in order for those numbers to continue to trend in the right direction, his department needs the resources to do it. Granitz says some of that $40.8 million will be spent on replacing outdated street surveillance cameras and complete the renovation of police headquarters.

An Allentown man is under arrest for allegedly beating his girlfriend with a baseball bat after he overheard her tell someone she was thinking of leaving him. Police say they arrived to an apartment on West Green Street late Tuesday night, where they found the victim bleeding and bruised. The victim alleges Darinn Johnson got angry after overhearing her plans and grabbed a baseball bat then started hitting her with it and eventually punched her too. Johnson was arrested on Wednesday and faces numerous charges.

Gov. Tom Wolf is assuring Pennsylvanians the state is doing everything it can to guarantee the integrity, safety and security of next Tuesday's election. Wolf says professional staff will monitor the situation around the state and they are taking steps to keep voters safe at the polls.

Officials in three Pennsylvania counties aren't in any rush to count mail-in ballots. Elections officials in Butler, Cumberland and Franklin counties say they won't begin counting those ballots until the day after the election. The counties say their staffs aren't big enough to count mail-in ballots while running Election Day operations.

Berks County officials and law enforcement are preparing for a visit from the President tomorrow afternoon. President Trump is expected to speak at the Reading Regional Airport around 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Campaign officials say everyone attending will have their temperature checked and will be provided masks and access to hand sanitizer.

The family of Walter Wallace Jr. says they're not asking for murder charges against the Philadelphia police officers who shot and killed the 27-year-old man Monday afternoon. Their attorney, Shaka Johnson, says the officers were ill-equipped to deal with a situation involving someone struggling with a mental health crisis. "They were improperly trained and did not have the proper equipment to do their job. They didn't have it," Johnson says. Johnson hopes for an investigation that focuses on police training reform.

The Philadelphia City Council is banning the police use of "less lethal" munitions. This comes after the city has been hearing from residents and demonstrators who say they suffered harm and trauma from the police back during the George Floyd riots in the spring. The new police restrictions are on things like tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray. Council says it will help build a better relationship between Philadelphians and law enforcement.

You're being reminded to change their clocks back an hour before heading to bed tomorrow night. Daylight saving time officially ends Sunday morning at 2 o'clock.

If you're a Lehigh Valley Phantoms fan already disappointed the typical start of the hockey season was pushed back to December, you'll be disappointed even more. The American Hockey league announced Thursday its regular season will not begin until the first week of next February. Thanks to the pandemic, the 2019-2020 AHL season ended prematurely in March.

New Jersey lawmakers are giving a green light to flying American flags from overpass crossings. The Senate unanimously passed a bill, which was proposed after the New Jersey Turnpike enforced a controversial ban on flying flags over roadways back in September, just days before the 9/11 anniversary. The bill would allow the American flag to be displayed over highways owned by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and South Jersey Transit Authority, as long as organizations are given permission. The state Assembly is currently looking over a similar bill.

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