Gunther Guests - April 27 - May 1

Gunther Guests – Week April 27th:

Monday, April 27th -

·5:10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent - Michael Cutler - Talking about President Trump’s Ban on Immigration – Is it really a ban? He’ll discuss Monday! |

·9:10am – Former Congressman Bob Barr - The FBI is playing games with gun background checks and Congress needs to put a stop to it... he’ll discuss this and more Monday! Powered by: Relic Hunter Firing Line |,

·9:40am – Former Mayor of Shiloh Israel and Multi-Time Author, David Rubin – His latest book is: ‘Trump and the Jews’ – He will talk about the Boycott Israel Movement, the Status of the recent Israeli elections and the newly formed government. And he also has some interesting insights into COVID-19. | &

Tuesday, April 28th-

·5:10am – Bob Barr

·9:10am – Bruce Haines, one of owners of the Hotel Bethlehem – He’ll talk about the Payroll Protection Program... is it worth it? Did it work for the Hotel? He’ll talk about that, and what he thinks things will look like for the Hotel Industry after COVID-19 on Tuesday Morning. |

·9:40am – Retired Sheriff Richard Mack – He is the Founder of CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) – His organization is saying to ALL Americans... Open Your Stores and Restaurants... Let’s Put America Back to Work! He’ll talk about this and also talk about the unique role that sheriffs play in protecting your constitutional rights. |

Wednesday, April 29th -

·5:10am – Richard Mack

·9:10am –Adam Andrzejewski – CEO and Founder of Open the Books – He’ll talk about the CoronaVirus Ruse and Tax Payers being on the hook for it. You won’t believe where your money has gone in these Stimulus Programs...Hear more Wednesday Morning. |

·9:40am – Author Nick Adams – He’ll talk about his New Book ‘Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization’ |

Thursday, April 30th -

·5:10am – Nick Adams

·9:10am –Brigitte Gabriel, Founder of ACT for America - Talking about China. They must be investigated and held accountable for the CoronaVirus... she’ll discuss Thursday with Gunther! |

·9:40am – Kathy Barnette, she is running for Congress in the 4th Congressional District, and she’s the Author of a #1 Best Selling Book: ‘Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain’ - She will talk about her book, her run for Congress and she’ll give her opinion on all the Hot Topics of the week. | &

Friday, May 1st -

·5:10am – Kathy Barnette

·9am to 10am - TBA

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