Gunther Guests - April 20th-April 24th

Gunther Guests – Week April 20th:

Monday, April 20th -

·5:10am – Brigadier General Robert S. Spalding – U.S. Air Force Retired and Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute. He’s also the Author of: ‘Stealth War: How China Took Over While America's Elite Slept’ – He’ll give us on his opinion and insight into the Coronavirus and the US vs. China |

·8:50am – Joel Underwood with the Reopen PA Facebook Page – Talking about the Rally in Harrisburg Monday at Noon. The Rally is to try to get the Governor to reopen PA and put people back to work.

·9:10am – PA State Senator from Central PA, Doug Mastriano – He has a plan to put PA back to work by May 1st... Its Senator Bill 1103 and he’ll discuss it with Gunther Monday Morning. |

·9:40am – President of the PA Pastor’s Network and American Pastor’s Network, Sam Rohrer – Is the COVID-19 Crisis a set up for Revival in America? And should we be challenging the Government’s Authority? He’ll talk about that and more Monday!|

Tuesday, April 21st-

·5:10am – PA State Senator - Doug Mastriano

·9:10am – TBA

·9:40am – Former Mayor of Shiloh Israel and Multi-Time Author, David Rubin – His latest book is: ‘Trump and the Jews’ – He will talk about the Boycott Israel Movement, the Status of the recent Israeli elections and the newly formed government. And he also has some interesting insights into COVID-19. | &

Wednesday, April 22nd -

·5:10am – David Rubin

·9:10am – David Almasi, Vice President of the National Center for Public Policy Research – He is talking about Larry Fink, who runs BlackRock -Who are they? And how are they trying to undermine America? He’ll discuss Wednesday |

·9:40am – Tom Del Beccaro, Author of ‘The Divided Era: How we got here and the keys to America’s Reconciliation,’ also writer for Epoch Times,, and frequent Fox News Guest- Talking All the Hot Issues including COVID-19 and what he think it means for the November General Election. |

Thursday, April 23rd -

·5:10am – Tom Del Beccaro

·9:10am – Jim Simpson, Investigative Journalist, Former Economist and Budget Examiner for the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under Presidents Reagan, H.W. Bush and Clinton and Author of the Book: ‘The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America’ – He is also an expert on the Cloward-Piven Manufactured Crisis Strategy... He’ll talk about that in relation to COVID-19 and Illegal Immigration. |

·9:40am – TBA

Friday, April 24th -

·5:10am – Jim Simpson

·9am to 10am - Retired, Senior INS Agent - Michael Cutler - Talking Immigration Issues, COVID-19 and more! Also, Michael lives in New York and will give us an update about what it’s like ground zero. |


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