Jersey Shore's Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Slammed For COVID-19 PSA

The Situation’s got a situation.

Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino is being dragged by New Jerseyans after becoming the face of the state’s new public service announcement regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis. 

Earlier this week, Sorrentino partnered with the New Jersey state government in a PSA encouraging residents to stay inside and practice social distancing as much as possible if you must leave your home. "🚨WE GOT A SITUATION🚨 Listen to @ItsTheSituation – we know Jersey loves to party but TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. STAY HOME and #FlattenTheCurve,” the caption for the video reads.

Starting off his “special message for New Jersey,” the reality star, who introduces himself as “Big Daddy Sitch,” says, “New Jersey is tough. We love to party and we love even harder. But the time for parties is over. Some of us are not taking this situation seriously.”

“In fact, some of us are prolonging this pandemic by not following simple guidelines,” he added. “Be smart and do your part to flatten the curve. Stay home, be positive, and practice social distancing. The comeback is always greater than the setback. We got this New Jersey!"

Despite Sitch’s well-meaning message, locals were not impressed.

“I'm just not a big fan of taking advice from criminals,” one Twitter user commented, referring to the eight-month prison stint Sorrentino completed last September for tax evasion. “I'll stick with scientists and healthcare providers.”

“The Situation doing PSAs for COVID-19? We in the weird timeline,” another added, as others pointed out, “He's not even from Jersey (but Staten Island).”

Still, some commended Sitch for using his star power to spread awareness. “He's turned his life around so much now THE GOVERNMENT goes to HIM for help! Proud of you Mike!”

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Photo: Twitter