'Tiger King' Star Changes His Appearance And Is Now Unrecognizable

The Netflix docuseries Tiger King is what is getting many people through having to stay at home for days on end. It follows Joe Maldonado-Passage, a.k.a. Joe Exotic, an eclectic man who runs a zoo in Oklahoma filled with tigers, lions, ligers and other animals. If you've seen Tiger King, you know it's packed with all sorts of personalities who each have a unique look to them. Joe's glowing mullet is just the start of the special attributes of the folks he surrounds himself with.

One person on the series who has gotten a lot of attention is one of Joe's husbands, John Finlay. Finlay, who seemed to film the entire show without his shirt on, became well known for his teeth, or lack thereof. While John has confessed to using meth, he told TMZ that his dental situation is actually because of genetics, not drug use. However, in July of 2019, he got dentures and because of that small change he now looks totally transformed.

John is actually a little annoyed with Netflix - he says they have a lot of footage of him with his new teeth but they didn't air any of it in the docuseries.

According to Paper Magazine, John still lives in Oklahoma but now works as a welder. He created a fan page on Facebook called The Truth About John Finlay, which gives the impression he wasn't thrilled with Tiger King. He also says he hasn't used any drugs in six years. Additionally, he said a producer for the series suggested he do his interviews topless and he agreed to it.

If you haven't yet, check out Tiger King on Netflix now.

Photo: Netflix