Gunther Guests-Week March 30th-April 3rd!

Gunther Show guests

Gunther Show guests

Gunther Guests – Week March 30th

Monday, March 30th -

· 5:10am – Retired, Senior INS Agent -Michael Cutler - Talking about the Coronavirus; and he’ll talk about how things are in New York, where he lives. He’ll also give some eye-opening news about Governor Cuomo – hint: What he was saying 6 weeks ago to New Yorkers could be the reason there is a problem in NY now.

· 9:10am – Salih Hudayar, Elected Prime Minister of the East Turkistan Government in Exile – He’ll make people aware of what really is going on in China since COVID-19

· 9:40am – Arnold Salinas, One of the Original Guardian Angels – He is still with the Group 41 years later and he will talk about how the Guardian Angels are caring for the NYC Homeless, despite Covid-19

Tuesday, March 31st -

· 5:10am - Salih Hudayar

· 9:10am – Michael Daugherty – President of LAB MD and Author ‘The Devil Inside the Beltway’ – He’ll talk about drugs that can be prescribed for COVID-19 Patients... so why aren’t they? It has to do with the FDA... hear more Tuesday Morning!

· 9:40am – Joshua Prince – He’ll give us an update on the status on Gun Sales in PA since the Governor “BACKED DOWN.” Is Joshua satisfied with how things are now, and is he still trying to pursue legal action against the state and why?

Wednesday, April 1st -

· 5:10am - Joshua Prince

· 9:10am – John O’Connor – Attorney, Legal Analyst, and Author of “Postgate: How the Washington Post Betrayed Deep Throat, Covered Up Watergate, and Began Today’s Partisan Advocacy Journalism” – Talking about how the Government will use COVID-19 to take away your gun rights. |

· 9:40am – Robert Charles, Former Assistant Secretary of State for George W. Bush, Former Navel Intelligence Officer and Litigator and he also served in the Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses – He’ll talk about the latest 2 Trillion Dollar Coronavirus deal and how America is psychologically and legally handling the pandemic.

Thursday, April 2nd -

· 5:10am - Robert Charles

· 9:10am – A Spokesperson for the RNC – Discussing Trump’s Latest Poll Numbers , the 2 Trillion Dollar Coronavirus Deal and how the media is enamored with Governor Andrew Cuomo. |

· 9:40am – Former Congressman Bob Barr – Forget the Feds... State and Local Governments are trampling over your rights during the COVID-19 Pandemic – he’ll talk about that and other hot issues with Gunther Thursday Morning!

Friday, April 3rd -

· 5:10am - Bob Barr

· 9:10am – Kris DePaolo – CEO of Werner & Company CPAs – Sort out all the tax law changes that have occurred since COVID-19... including any ramifications or benefits that may directly affect you in the 2 Trillion Dollar Bail Out Bill.

· 9:40am - TBA


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