With Strip Club Forced To Closed, Exotic Dancers Are Now Delivering Food

When Oregon Governor Kate Brown ordered all non-essential businesses to close in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus, among the places that were forced to temporarily shut down were strip clubs. Most simply locked their doors but Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland adapted to the mandate. Since the order allows for food establishments to offer take-out and delivery, Lucky Devil switched gears and became a food delivery service called Boober Eats.

Rather than laying off his staff, owner Shon Boulden repurposed all his employees - the dancers are doing the deliveries (while not wearing much), the security guards are driving them around, the bartenders are taking the calls, and the cooks are still in the kitchen.


Boulden told The Oregonian that it all started as a joke that he posted on social media, but people took it seriously and he realized there just might be a business there. Now, from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., Boulden's Boober Eats is delivering items from the Lucky Devil Lounge's full menu, which features items like chicken fingers, steak bites and mini corndogs.

Most delivery charges are $30, but if it is farther away, it'll cost more, though Boober Eats is happy to head there. Boulden stated, "If someone wants to give us a couple hundred bucks to go to the coast, we’ll do it as long as the girls are taken care of."

Boulden is also giving the dancers masks, disposable gloves and wipes, and now more than ever there is absolutely no touching the dancers.

Learn more or, if you're in the Portland area, order here.

Photo: YouTube/TheOregonian

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