Gunther Guests Feb 3 - Feb 7

Gunther Guests – Week February 3rd

Monday, February 3rd –

·5:10am – Retired Senior INS Agent, Michael Cutler – He will discuss the CoronaVirus and China’s Travel Ban... and how it’s exposing the Left’s Lethal Hypocrisy. |

·9:10am – Robert Charles - Spokesman for AMAC, Former Assistant Secretary of State for President George W. Bush, Former Naval Intelligence Officer and Litigator and Multi-Time Author – Giving his political insight and opinions on the Impeachment Proceedings as they stand right now, and he’ll talk about the upcoming Iowa Caucuses and more! | &

·9:40am – Andi Buerger – Founder of Beulah’s Place and Author of the New Book ‘A Fragile Thread of Hope’ – She’ll talk about Human Trafficking |

Tuesday, February 4th-

·5:10am – Robert Charles

·9:10am – Dr. Rob Natelson - Former Law Professor, Constitutional Analyst and Scholar with the Independence Institute. Also, a Senior Advisor to the Convention of Stations Project – He’ll discuss the Impeachment, and the Left saying they will not abide by the Republican Findings and he’ll discuss other hot topics!

·9:40am –David Rubin, Former Mayor of Shiloh Israel – Talking about the Trump Middle East Peace Plan ... Do the Israeli’s like it? What does it mean for the Political Future of Netanyahu? And more! | and

Wednesday, February 5th–

·5:10am – David Rubin

·9:10am – Liz Harrington, RNC National Spokesperson – Talking about the Impeachment Fall Out, and she’ll do a State of the Union Recap |

·9:40am – Scott Shepard, Program Coordinator for the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project – He will talk about the National Center confronting Walgreens about their funding of lobbyists for Sanctuary Cities. |

Thursday, February 6th

·5:10am – Scot Shepard

·9:10am – Andrew Abrahczyk – Budget and Finance Specialist with the Commonwealth Foundation – Governor Wolf has laid out his Budget Proposal, Andrew will analyze it on Thursday Morning!

9:40am - Tom Del Beccaro, Author of ‘Divided Era,’ writer for and Fox News Contributor, and writer for – He talk about the results of the Iowa Caucuses, the State of the Union Address and the Impeachment fall out.

Friday, February 7th

5:10am - Tom Del Beccaro

·9am – 10am – General Robert S. Spaulding, US Air Force Retired and a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute – He’ll talk about U.S. China Relations concerning the CoronaVirus and his upcoming book: “Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept’


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