Gunther Guests Jan 20 - Jan 24

Gunther Guests – Week January 20th

Monday, January 20th – Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Prize Office Closed – No Prize Pick Up)

·5:10am –Dr. Rob Natelson - Former Law Professor, Constitutional Analyst and Scholar with the Independence Institute. Also, a Senior Advisor to the Convention of Stations Project - Discussing: Was Trump legally justified to Kill Soleimani | He’ll also discuss Impeachment and the fake news about the Equal Rights Amendment |

·9:10am – Ronda Kennedy, African American and Conservative Republican running for California’s 26th Congressional District – She’ll talk about how Republicans, this year, have the best election opportunities with Africans Americans since 1932 |

·9:40am – Donna Jackson – Project 21 Member – She’s had careers in both Politics and Ministry – She’ll talk about the Left Wing Activists misinterpreting the Teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King. |

Tuesday, January 21st

·5:10am – Donna Jackson

·9:10am – Terry Beatley, Founder and President of the Hosea Initiative, Author of ‘What If We’ve Been Wrong’ and Pro Life Advocate. Terry has worked with Dr. Nathanson, America’s Former Abortion King, to expose the lies of the Abortion Industry – She’ll talk about that, and the March for Life coming up on Friday;

·9:40am – Ken LaCorte, Founder of LaCorte News... whose motto is ‘News Unspun, Talk Uncensored’ – He’ll talk about Silicon Valley Censorship, and discuss if someone from the Mainstream Media tried to tip off Terror Chief Soleimani |

Wednesday, January 22nd

·5:10am – Ken LaCorte

·9:10am – Sam Rohrer, President of the American Pastor’s Network – Talking all the hot topics, Impeachment, the March for Life and more |

·9:40am – Stephen Willeford with the Second Amendment Foundation – Talking about how a good guy with a gun stopped an assailant with a gun in a Texas Church... this is the story of a shooting in Texas in 2017, and Stephen Willeford helped stop that killer... | Powered by: Relic Hunter Firing Line | &

Thursday, January 23rd

·5:10am – Stephen Willeford

Friday, January 24th

·9:10am– Deacon Joe Petrauskas with St. Columbkill Church in Boyertown – Gunther will be talking with him on his ride down to the March for Life in Washington D.C. | No website

·9:40am– Michael Pack, is the new Clarence Thomas Documentary Director – Talking about that Documentary titled: ‘Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words’| #Trailer


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