Three New York Students Allegedly Plotted To Attack Their Middle School

Three middle school students from upstate New York have been charged for allegedly planning to attack their school. The students coordinated their plans using the messaging app Discord and had set a date for their attack. They discussed killing their fellow classmates using guns and explosives.

The threat was reported to a staff member at Albion Middle School, which is located about 35 miles west of Rochester. While the students did have a date set, police said that the threat was not imminent.

The students were not identified, but officials said they were all under the age of 16. They did not say why the students wanted to kill their classmates, though one student was upset after being "shunned" by a fellow classmate.

Authorities confiscated several "legally possessed" firearms when they took the kids into custody. They were charged with conspiracy in the second degree and will be tried in juvenile court.

"I want to personally thank officials at the Albion Central School District, the Albion Police Department, the Orleans County District Attorney's office, the FBI and the New York State Police for their swift response to these threats," New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement. "School and police officials across this state continue to be on high alert, and I encourage anyone who notices any unusual or suspicious behavior to report it to school administrators and law enforcement right away."

Photo: Google Maps

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