Here's what's trending for October 30.

Bethlehem police are investigating a reported home invasion in the 800 block of Main Street. A woman says four armed masked men entered a home around 10:30 last night. She said a family member jumped out of the window, and that the men who entered the home ran out the back door. She said her family member who fled was taken to the hospital and possibly has a broken leg.

A restaurant that has been part of the Allentown landscape for more than 61 years will close at the end of this year. Louie Belletieri says he's retiring at the end of December, meaning the restaurant started by his parents will close. The announcement comes a month after Belletieri was accused of underpaying taxes to the state. He says that situation is being rectified. "Today we got some very good news and we're hoping that good news will spread and take care of things and put this behind us," Belletieri says. The state claims Belletieri oes it more than $89,000 in sales tax. He says the allegations have nothing to do with the restaurant closing. A retirement celebration for Belletieri will be held December 26th through the 28th.

The Lehigh Valley International Airport is moving up its timeline to expand its main terminal by a few months. Airport officials say they've seen steady growth over the past couple years, serving 100,000 more people in 2018 than in 2017. So far this year, the airport has served about 99,000 more passengers than it did during the same time period last year. The $22 million expansion could wrap up by the end of 2022.

An East Stroudsburg University student is accused of rape. Brandon Sheffield is charged with rape and assault. The alleged incident happened in an on-campus residence following an off-campus party the weekend of October 12th. Sheffield told investigators he thought the acts were consensual.

A vote could come today on a bill that could protect more students who suffer from undiagnosed heart conditions. The state Senate is expected to vote on Peyton's Law today, which would include information on requesting an electrocardiogram as part of a sports physical. Peyton Walker died six years ago this weekend at the age of 19 after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

Advocates rallied at the state Capitol Tuesday, to show support for bullying prevention efforts. "I want my daughter to have the opportunity to have a safe learning environment. I've experienced it. I've seen it a lot. It's a very big issue," one supporter says. The event, recognizing the launch of the "Care-Connect-Champion" toolkit, is aimed at tackling the issue in middle schools. The toolkit was developed specifically to help kids create student-led movements.

The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission officials say they'll stock twice the trophy trout next year. Brood trout stocking will more than double the 14-to-20 inch fish in 2020, with most placed in waters that aren't managed with special regulations. Annually, the Fish & Boat Commission stocks around 3.2 million adult trout in more than 700 streams and 120 lakes statewide.

As New Jersey officials continue to express concerns over vaping and e-cig use, some advocates want menthol cigarettes banned as well. While Gov. Phil Murphy says he's completely on board with adopting the ban of flavored e-cigs and vapes, as suggested by a state task force, he's undecided on menthol cigarettes. Both the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus have called for restrictions on the sale of menthol cigarettes, with statistics showing that among smokers, 90-percent of black Americans prefer menthols. The state vaping task force that released their findings earlier this month made several suggestions concerning e-cigs, but they also recommended legislators outlaw menthol cigarettes.

Prices for a new attraction at the American Dream Mall in the New Jersey Meadowlands are going up. Rates at the Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park are set to increase on November 15th. The current rates have been a special preview admission price, costing just under $40 for General Access and around $50 for the All Access price. After the 15th, General Access will be about $60 and the All Access will rise to around $80. A portion of the mega mall opened its doors last week after more than a dozen years in the making.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy says his state still has a long way to go to deal with the next Superstorm Sandy. He signed an executive order Tuesday, marking exactly seven years since Sandy devastated shore communities. The order includes how the state plants to deal with rising sea levels and other extreme storms that threaten beach towns.

Researchers say the risk of tidal flooding in New Jersey is more than double since 1980. That's thanks to nearly six inches of sea level rise over the last 40 years. They found 27,000 more buildings now flood each year. A new report on the effects of climate through 2050 is due soon. It'll focus on increased temperatures, sea level rise and flooding. The report will then be updated every two years.