K-9 Unit Tracks Down Missing Three-Year-Old Autistic Boy In Just 30 Minutes

A three-year-old boy with autism was found safe after he wandered out of his Florida home. Police say that Aedric Hughes unlocked the deadbolt and went outside while his grandmother was in the bathroom.

When officers arrived, they began searching the wooded area around the house and called in a pair of bloodhounds to help. Within 30 minutes the dogs picked up the boy's scent and located him about 200 yards away playing in a swampy briar patch.

"A year ago, we got some bloodhounds, and yesterday, they paid off with dividends," said Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson.

Deputies had to use a machete to clear away the thick underbrush to get to Aedric.The boy suffered a few scratches and had some bug bites but was otherwise unharmed. 

Commissioner Sam Parker praised the work of the deputies and their canine helpers on Facebook.

"Great job Santa Rosa County 'Sheriff's Office! Their bloodhounds found a missing 3 year old autistic boy who was lost in the woods today. Thank you to everyone else that came out to help with this effort."