Illinois Lawmaker Pooped on By Pigeon While Giving Interview on Pigeon Poop



A lawmaker in Illinois has given students around the country an excellent demonstration in what irony looks like. State Rep. Jaime Andrade (D-Chicago) was speaking with a WBBM-TV reporter outside the Irving Park Blue Line station when he was pooped on by a pigeon - right in the middle of his interview.

"Oh, did I just get... No, I didn't... I did, didn't I? I got a little bit," Andrade said, as he felt the top of his head. “I’ll just have to go clean up. ... That’s what happens to my constituents. They get s--- on all time.”

Andrade was being interviewed as part of his efforts to clean up the train station, where the pigeons have become a chronic problem for commuters who board the train there. The sidewalks outside the station are often covered in bird waste and feathers commuters have to take to get to their train.

The Blue Line station is located under an underpass where the pigeons hang out and falls under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation. Andrade has been working on the problem for at least the last year, when he requested a specific line item in the state budget.

"This is the mistake, when I said literally $6 million for Irving Park Blue Line,” he told the news outlet. “The funds are for the CTA Blue Line, and so probably, and with the funds where it came from can only be used for construction."

Andrade says he's going back to the drawing board before he can get the area cleaned up. Andrade says he's asked the Chicago Transit Authority to install a hose line that could be used to power wash the sidewalks clean when they finish construction of new escalators at the Metra stop with the money he authorized.

Photo: Getty Images