Here's what's trending for June 25.

A 36-year-old man has been taken to the hospital after being shoti in Allentown Monday night. The shooting happened around 9pm at North 5th and James streets. A man was taken to the hospital with what are described as non life-threatening injuries.

A Philadelphia man is behind bars in Lehigh County after allegedly punching a 14-year-old while at Dorney Park over the weekend. Marcel Jenkins remains jailed on simple assault charges after allegedly getting into an argument with the victim Saturday night over their places in line for the Steel Force roller coaster. The two both then got on the ride, but after the trip was finished, Jenkins allegedly punched the teen in the face following some pushing and shoving.

PPL Plaza is on borrowed time. Or, at least the name is. After buying the downtown Allentown property in April, Somera Road Inc. says it has hired a marketing agency to rebrand the property in the 800 block of Hamilton Street. That means a new name, logo and website. Perhaps a more pressing need is to find tenants for the building, which has been mostly empty since Talen Energy moved a few blocks away back in the spring of 2018.

The Miller-Keystone Blood Center has issued an "emergency appeal" for blood donations. Officials say their supplies of all blood types are at critical levels. They say 450 donations are needed every day for transfusions to help cancer patients, crash victims, and others. To schedule an appointment, visit

The Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center is saying a pair of bears it recently received are doing well. A ranger reportedly discovered a male and female cub last week in Perry County's Tuscarora State Forest, sadly sticking by their dead mother who had been dead for some time. The cubs were starving but are now on the mend and being properly fed. State game officials say the mother bear had been dead for so long they couldn't determine a cause of death.

Children across the commonwealth may not find a snow day means no school work if Gov. Tom Wolf signs a new bill sent to his desk. The state House passed a bill Monday that would give school districts about a week of flexible instruction days every school year. A flexible day would mean schools can give out assignments to students on days when snow or other things occur that require school buildings to close. Such days would also cover building closures due to repairs or even security threats made against a district. The governor has not indicated whether he plans to sign the bill into law.

Police say the man who built an explosive device in Lebanon County did it to alert police about something bigger coming. David Oxenreider told investigators he didn't want to hurt anyone, but instead wanted to make people aware the earth could be destroyed by a nuclear laser beam if humans didn't start being good people. Oxenreider said the message came from an alien encounter he had in 2014. Oxenreider is in Lebanon County Prison on $75,000 bail.

New Jersey's Department of Health says paramedics may now use an anti-withdrawal medication when saving the life of someone suffering from an opioid overdose. The health commissioner is authorizing the use of the drug on patients after they've been treated with Naloxone. Commissioner Shereef Elnahal signed the directive Monday allowing mobile Intensive Care Unit programs to stock the medication. However, paramedics must get permission from their medical command before administering it and only after the patient first receives Naloxone.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy says he's going to veto the economics incentives bill recently passed by the state Legislature. Murphy sayd the bill passed by the Senate and Assembly is shortsighted. He further adds he believes the current tax incentives system is inefficient and misguided. The governor says he's vetoing the bill because while he's on the side of the taxpayers, the bill supports a system created by special interests for special interests.

With the Phillies in a free-fall that has dropped them well behind Atlanta in the NL East, fans are calling for heads to roll. "I'm very well aware of all the criticism of the manager, of the coaching staff and of certain players. I'm not naive. I understand this and I understand why this is happening. The wrong this to do is to point a finger at any one person and say you are the reason that this is happening. I do not believe that," Klentak says. The Phillies are 7-14 this month and have slipped five-and-a-half games behind the Braves.

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