Here's what's trending for May 23.

Big plans for a Da Vinci Science Center in Easton appear to be dead. Da Vinci officials say they will not proceed with plans to build a $120 million center at the corner of South Third Street and Larry Holmes Drive in Easton. Da Vinci CEO Lin Erickson says they'll instead make plans to build the science center somewhere else in the Lehigh Valley. The decision comes after the city pulled the plug on its $30 million financial backing for the project.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is investigating after an explosion occurred in Bethlehem. Police there are reporting a loud noise was heard last night around 6 o'clock near Fleur and Blossom lanes. A soda can wrapped in duct tape bounced off a nearby home, but there's been no confirmation the can is related to the blast. Investigators say a silver or grey pick-up truck may be involved.

An Allentown man is heading behind bars for decades after being sentenced for shooting and killing his girlfriend last year. Matthew Jensen was given a prison term of 18-to-40 years for killing Kristina Fenstermaker in July of 2018. Jensen pleaded guilty to shooting Fenstermaker after she accused him of cheating on her, although he maintains it was accidental. Jensen was arrested in Warren County after fleeing while Fenstermaker was found dying on the ground in front of their 17th Street Southwest home.

A former firefighter and his alleged accomplice both accused of arson now face new charges. Northampton's Justin Emmons and Samantha Keeney were back in court Wednesday on counts related to car fires set in their hometown. Police allege the pair set both a car and pickup truck parked at an East 10th Street home on fire in March. The two are currently jailed in connection to barn fires set around Lehigh County, also in March.

A federal bankruptcy judge is approving the sale of the Reading Eagle Company to a large chain known for buying struggling newspapers and slashing jobs. MediaNews Group offered $5 million for the family-owned newspaper. MediaNews owns about 200 papers. According to the sales agreement, anyone who loses their job will not receive severance pay. While the Reading Eagle newspaper will still be published, a radio station that the company owns will soon go silent. MediaNews Group plans to take WEEU 830AM off the air perhaps as soon as this summer. WEEU began broadcasting nearly 90 years ago.

Drivers will soon start seeing more Pennsylvania state troopers on the highways. State police and AAA announced Wednesday the launch of Operation CARE, a program to reduce deadly crashes. It's a stepped-up effort to enforce drunk driving, distracted driving and aggressive driving this summer.

Residents of Pennsylvania are being asked today to be just a little kinder than usual as Gov. Tom Wolf has proclaimed May 23rd as 1-4-3 Day. In honor of the late Pennsylvanian and beloved TV host Fred Rogers, Gov. Wolf says it's a day to be neighborly, whether you live in the big city, on a farm, a rural area or otherwise. Rogers was known to use the numbers 1-4-3 as a way of saying "I love you," as the letter "I" is one letter, the LOVE has four letters and the word YOU has three.

The state Game Commission is reminding Pennsylvanians not to interact with baby wildlife. They say while some young animals may appear abandoned, it's very likely the mothers are close by, even possibly watching you getting close to their offspring. Humans should also keep in mind there are several diseases and parasites carried by wild animals and it's illegal to take or try to adopt them. The best thing to do when encountering chicks, fawns or other young critters is to leave them alone and keep in mind it's dangerous for wild animals to lose their fear of humans.

Capitol police are naming their new police dog. The name Cappy was selected from more than 1000 ideas submitted to the force via Facebook. Cappy's official title is Community Service Dog. Cappy was found near the Finance Building last month and was adopted when they could find the owner.

A Somerset County man is facing charges for working with a designated terrorist organization, threatening supporters of Israel and to bomb Trump Tower in Manhattan. Basking Ridge's Jonathan Xie was arrested Wednesday on counts related to trying to work the Palestinian organization Hamas, making false statements and making threats. Among the things Xie allegedly did to be arrested by federal agents include using Instagram to threaten an attack on pro-Israel demonstrations, attempting to use wire money to the military wing of Hamas and trying to join the army so he could be trained to kill. He also allegedly posted to Instagram last month that he wanted to bomb Trump Tower, the headquarters for businesses owned by President Donald Trump.

Officials are warning swimmers to be on the lookout for clinging jellyfish. Marine biology professor Dr. Paul Bologna of Montclair State University says there could be more of them this summer. "The numbers seem to be higher already this year than we got last year in the northern part of Barnegat Bay. That means more likely we'll have at least as many, if not more," says Bologna. A sting from one of these jellyfish could send you to the hospital.