Here's what's trending for April 16.

At a town hall meeting held at ArtsQuest in Bethlehem Monday night, Vermont senator and Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he's not too old to be president. "Thank God my health is good. When I was a kid, I was one of the better milers in New York City and I've continued to have my endurance. But I think when you look at the candidates, you could look at age, you could look at experience. It's not whether you're young. It's not whether you're old. It's what you believe in," Sanders said. The 77-year-old Sanders appeared at the town hall meeting broadcast nationally by Fox News.

State police are investigating after a New Jersey resident died in a Northampton County crash. The victim, identified only as a 77-year-old woman, died Monday morning in a one-car crash in Lower Mount Bethel Township on North Delaware Drive. Investigators haven't released any information on what may have caused the crash.

An Allentown man is facing charges for firing a gun at security and a crowd outside a city nightclub over the weekend. Wilfredo Gonzalez was arraigned Monday on counts related to illegal weapons possession and reckless endangerment. Gonzalez allegedly fired several times early Saturday outside the Chicago Sports Bar and Grill and Club Gravity, before being shot himself by a licensed and armed security guard. Gonzalez is behind bars after failing to post bail.

A former Carbon County police chief is going to stand trial for sexual assault. Both former Weissport police chief Brent Getz and his friend, Greg Wagner, appeared before a judge Monday to determine the course of their prosecution. Getz has been ordered to stand trial on charges of rape, conspiracy and other offenses related to the alleged sexual abuse of a victim who was between the ages of four and 11 during the alleged crimes. Wagner and Getz both face a formal arraignment on June 13th.

The state Agricultural Land Preservation Board says 31 farms across 17 counties are to be preserved. Through Pennsylvania's farmland preservation program, more than 31-hundred acrews have been conserved in total, including the Wanda Martin farm and Modica farm in Monroe County and the Fink farm in Lehigh County.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board says casinos statewide generated an all-time monthly high of more than $309 million in revenue last month. It was the single most profitable month ever for table games with about $82 million made, more than $2 million above the previous record. Slots revenue accounted for the remaining $226 million in revenue last month.

Central Pennsylvania-based Rite Aid is going to stop selling e-cigarette and vaping products. The chain made the announcement last week, saying they should have the products off all 2500 store shelves within 90 days. Rite Aid says it will still sell cigarettes but have significantly reduced the product's visibility within their stores.

The National Weather Service is confirming at least three tornadoes touched down in central Pennsylvania during the storms that rolled through late Sunday and early Monday. The earliest was a Category EF-2 twister that tore through Starbrick in Warren County around 8:30 Sunday night, traveling 16 miles and damaging homes, businesses and trees with winds at around 130 miles per hour. The second struck just after midnight in Union County, an EF-1 that damaged roofs, a barn and the United Methodist Church in East Buffalo Township. Two people were reportedly injured by the third tornado, an EF-1 that moved through Benton in Columbia County and damaged around a dozen homes before lifting.

A second defendant in the notorious GoFundMe fraud case is pleading guilty. The Burlington County Prosecutor's Office says that under a plea agreemnt Katelyn McClure is going to serve four years in state prison. McClure, along with co-defendants Johnny Bobbitt of Philadelphia and Mark D'Amico of New Jersey, created a phony story that inspired more than 14,000 people to donate more than $400,000 to their fraudulent crowdsourcing campaign. Bobbit pleaded guilty in March and under their pleas both he and McClure must testify against D'Amico, whose case is up for possible indictment next month.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is pushing his proposed increase in funding for early childhood education. The governor wants $68 million more dollars in the upcoming budget to go toward existing pre-schools and the creation of new ones. He points to a study that shows every dollar invested in Pre-K equals a $9 return for the state as children grow. Murphy says investing in Pre-K is how New Jersey stays as a national leader in education.